ADT Pulse Approved Devices

Know what products will be compatible with your ADT Pulse System.

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What are the ADT Pulse Approved Devices?

It can certainly be confusing when you want to add devices to your ADT Pulse and you’re unsure if your preferred devices are compatible with your security system.

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend time searching the web for answers. So, we’ve made this page to help!  ADT has two places where you can find a list of approved devices; on their website and on the ADT Pulse Portal (shown when you attempt to add a new device under system>manage devices). Unfortunately, these two lists don’t always match, which only makes the whole process more complex.

Our goal is to condense the information into one place so you can find answers about the approved devices for ADT Pulse.

Why Does ADT Limit The Approved Devices List to Certain Devices?

Taken from ADT’s website they say, “To get the best possible experience from the ADT Pulse system, it is important that you use only devices that have been tested and approved by ADT”.

The smart home market is exploding right now and because of the recent increase in DYI Home Security, there are new products popping up every month. Some, better than others. ADT does not test every new device that becomes available because then they would have to provide tech support and a warranty for it. With so many variables and an endless stream of new equipment, it just isn’t realistic to check and see if they’re all quality products.

For this reason, ADT tries to keep this Approved Device list as small as possible.  If a customer calls ADT and is having an issue with one of the approved devices, ADT will usually be able to help get it to work. They’ve made themselves familiar with these products and know how they interact with their systems.


Are There Any Devices That Will Work With ADT Pulse That Isn’t on The Approved Devices List?

Yes, there are many devices that will work with ADT Pulse that haven’t been listed or approved. Either because ADT has not tested it themselves to verify the compatibility or they do not want to officially support it.

We recommend using verified and approved devices with your Pulse System to ensure the best performance.


ADT Pulse Approved Devices List

Approved Cameras

ADT Pulse Indoor HD Camera RC8326 RC8326

ADT Pulse Dome Camera MDC835 MDC835

ADT Pulse OC835-ADT Outdoor Night HD Camera OC835V3

ADT Pulse Doorbell Camera DBC835 DBC835

 Approved Keypads

ADT Pulse High-Definition Video Touchscreen Keypad HSS3012ADT

Approved Lighting Accessories

ADT Pulse Smart Outlet 14288

ADT Pulse Z-wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch 26931

Z-Wave Wall Mounted Switch WA00Z-1

ADT Pulse Light Dimmer Switch In-Wall Decora 600W 45712 45712

ADT Pulse Light Dimmer Switch In-Wall Decora 1000W 45715 45715

ADT Pulse In-Wall Auxiliary Switch 45610WB 45610

ADT Pulse Auxiliary In-Wall Switch Decora 45710 45710

ADT Pulse Smart Fan Control 14287/12730

ADT Z-Wave Lamp Module Plug  28172

ADT Pulse Dual Lamp Module  14282

ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In Dimming Lamp Module 45702 45702

ADT Pulse Smart Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb 39723

ADT Pulse In-Wall On/Off Duplex Receptacle ZW101 Z-Wave 45705

Approved Door Locks

Yale Push Button Keyless Smart Deadbolt

Yale Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Assure Touchscreen Keyless Low-Profile Deadbolt

ADT Pulse Compatible Deadbolt

ADT Pulse Touchscreen Deadbolt 916 Kwikset Smartcode

ADT Pulse Deadbolt Model 99140 Made by Kwikset 11 Button

ADT Pulse Contemporary Deadbolt 910 Made by Kwikset

Kwikset Smartcode Levers Model 99120 ADT Pulse Compatible

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt BE468 ADT Pulse Approved

Approved Thermostats

ADT Pulse RCS Battery Powered Thermostat TBZ48 TBZ48A

Misc. Approved Devices

ADT Pulse Garage Door Controller – Linear Garage Door Remote Controller GD00Z-2

Water Valve Shut Off DMWV1

Discontinued Approved Devices

(Devices that are no longer manufactured, but were once used with the ADT Pulse system)

ADT Pulse RC8325-ADT Indoor Night HD Camera RC8325-V2

ADT Pulse Netgear 7” Touchscreen Keypad HS101ADT

ADT Pulse Camera 8025 Indoor Infrared Wireless RC8025B

Current Innovations Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat CI300Z

ADT Pulse Z-Wave Wired RCS Thermostat Model TZ45

ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module 45603WB

ADT Pulse In-Wall Dimmer Switch 45612WB

ADT Pulse Light Switch Jasco In-Wall On/Off Switch 45609WB

ADT Pulse Indoor Low-Light Wireless Camera ICamera-1000

ADT Pulse Wireless Indoor Camera RC8021W-ADT

ADT Pulse Wired IP Video Server Analog Encoder NV412A

ADT Pulse Jasco Plugin Dimming Lamp Module 45702WB

ADT Pulse GE 7” Touchscreen Keypad IS-TS-0700-B

ADT Pulse Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb IB60Z-1

ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module 45703

ADT Pulse Outdoor Wireless Camera OC810

ADT Pulse Jasco Toggle In-Wall On/Off Light Switch 45740

ADT Pulse Jasco Toggle In-Wall On/Off Light Switch 45741

ADT Pulse Jasco Almond Toggle On/Off Aux Light Switch 45761

ADT Pulse Jasco Almond Toggle On/Off Light Switch 45760

ADT Pulse Easy Install Light Switch DLS-ZWAVE5

ADT Pulse Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt Model 99100 99100004

ADT Pulse Light Switch Jasco In-Wall Decora On/Off 45709