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ADT Pulse Approved Devices

Know what will be compatible with your ADT System and what will not be.

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Are you wondering what the ADT Pulse Approved Devices are?

It can certainly be confusing when you are wanting to add devices to your ADT Pulse system to know what will be compatible and what will not be.  We have made this page to help.  ADT has two places where you can find a list of approved devices. One of them is on their website and the other on the ADT Pulse portal when you attempt to add a new device under system>manage devices.  Unfortunately, these two lists do not match and are not 100% accurate. We will try to make this page be the most accurate place on the web for approved devices for ADT Pulse.

Why Does ADT Limit The Approved Devices List to Certain Devices?

Taken from ADT’s website they say, “To get the best possible experience from the ADT Pulse system, it is important that you use only devices that have been tested and approved by ADT”.  ADT says this because the smart home market is exploding right now.

There are new products popping out every month and some of them are better than others. ADT does not have the resources to test every new device that hits the market so they can provide support and warranty for it.

For this reason, they try to keep this list as small as possible. They do not want more liability. If a customer calls in that is having an issue with one of the approved devices ADT will usually be able to help get it to work, but other devices they will not bother with.


Are There Devices That Will Work With ADT Pulse That Are Not on The Approved Devices List?

Yes. There are many devices that will work with ADT Pulse that either ADT has not updated one of their two lists yet or they do not want to officially support it. Two of these are the Honeywell Z-wave thermostat and the Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt.  (There is a list of these on the bottom of the page.)

Both work just fine with ADT Pulse but you will not find them on the drop down in the portal or on ADT’s website.

It is very encouraging that ADT has announced that they will integrate with IFTTT or IF sometime this year. This will open up their compatibility to tons of devices that ADT Pulse will not have to support.


ADT Pulse Approved Devices Master List

Approved Touchscreen

UTC7″ Touchscreen DeviceIS-TS-0700-B This was the first color touchscreen made by GE for ADT Pulse. It is discontinued now but there are still a few available.
NETGEAR7” Battery Powered Touchscreen DeviceHS101ADT-1ADNAS Netgear made the second color touchscreen keypad. It is a much better keypad than the GE/UTC one. It was not designed to be wall mounted, but some have managed to still get it to mount on the wall.
NETGEAR7″ Touchscreen DeviceHSS301ADTA new lower cost HD Color touchscreen, you can buy a wall mount for it
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Wireless Camera

SercommWireless Bookshelf Indoor CameraRC8021-ADT The first adt pulse camera. White in color. No motion activated recording ability. Discontinued but maybe a few available still. Replaced with 8326.
SercommWireless Bookshelf Indoor CameraICAMERA- 1000-ADT The first indoor infrared camera that ADT Pulse added. It can record on motion and be a trigger. It was discontinued and replaced with the 8326.
SercommWireless Outdoor CameraOC810-ADT The outdoor ADT Pulse Camera with infrared. Two issues are distance from an outlet (need to be plugged in still) and distance from the Ihub – some need a repeater or need to run a cat5 wire to the iHub.
SercommWireless Bookshelf Indoor CameraRC8025-ADT The third indoor camera and the only indoor camera available currently. It has infrared (can see in dark) and it also can start recording on motion.
SercommWireless Indoor HD CameraRC8325-ADTThe previous ADT Pulse indoor camera. 720P picture quality and easier to add to the system. Now replaced with 8326.
SercommWireless Outdoor HD CameraOC835-ADTThe newest and nicest ADT Pulse outdoor camera available. 720P picture quality and easier to add to the system. It will replace the OC810ADT.
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Encoders

SercommVideo camera encoder module for external hardwired camera applications.NV412A-ADT The only way to incorporate wired analog cameras to your ADT Pulse portal. You need one of these per camera. These only work with analog cameras and not with high definition cameras.
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution


Approved Z-Wave-Enabled Devices

Z-Wave-enabled devices are wireless home control products that have been designed to communicate with each other via low-power radio waves. Z-Wave devices currently approved for use with the ADT Pulse system include:

RCSADT Pulse Digital ThermostatTZ45Was the first thermostat ADT came out with. It had to be wired and was more difficult to install. Discontinued and replaced with the TBZ48A.
RCSBattery Powered ADT Pulse Digital ThermostatTBZ48AThe second and currently the only thermostat ADT says they approve. It can be wired or wireless since it can run on batteries.
JascoDimmer Lamp Module45602WB Discontinued and replaced with the 45702 – Nice to turn lamps into night lights etc…
JascoOn/Off Lamp/Appliance Module45603WB Discontinued and replaced with the 45703 – works great with lights or appliances
JascoOn/Off Outdoor Appliance Module45704 Perfect to control any outdoor appliances or lighting, or as an outdoor repeater.
JascoWhite Decora In-wall On/Off Light Switch45609WB This is the Decora Light Switch that would go in your wall. Typically people replace their current light switch with one of these. Discontinued and replaced with 45709
JascoWhite Decora In-wall Dimmer Light Switch45607WB
 This is the Decora Light Switch that has a dimmer in it. Discontinued and replaced with 45712. Handles 600W.
JascoWhite Decora Auxiliary Light Switch45610WB This is needed for three or four way applications. You can use it with the dimmer or the on/off switch. Discontinued and replaced with 45710.
JascoLight Almond Decora In-wall On/Off Light Switch45709 This is the new Decora Light Switch and it comes in white or Light Almond. If you want light almond you switch the cover. (It comes with an extra switch cover in light almond)
JascoLight Almond Decora In-wall Dimmer Light Switch45715
 This is the Decora Light Switch that has a dimmer in it. It has the light almond piece you can switch out, but it comes in white. The 45712 handles max load of 600W. The 45715 can do 1000W
JascoLight Almond Decora Auxiliary Light Switch45710 This is needed for three or four way applications. You can use it with the dimmer or the on/off switch.
JascoWhite Toggle In-wall On/Off Light Switch45740 If you do not like the decora style and want the toggle switch this is for you.
JascoWhite Toggle In-wall Dimmer Light Switch45716
JascoWhite Toggle Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
45741  The slave or aux switch if you want to control a 3-way or 4-way, you get the 45740 first and add these for the others.
JascoLight Almond Toggle In-wall On/Off Light Switch45760  Almond Toggle Switch
JascoLight Almond Toggle In-wall Dimmer Light Switch45717
JascoLight Almond Toggle Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
45761 Slave or Aux Used for Three or Four way Almond Toggle Switch
KwiksetDeadbolt Lock Satin Nickel99100-023 6 Button Digital Deadbolt. These are awesome. Newer models available now.
KwiksetDeadbolt Lock Venetian Bronze99100-024 6 Button Digital Deadbolt. These are awesome. Newer models available now.
KwiksetDeadbolt Lock Polished Brass99100-022 6 Button Digital Deadbolt. These are awesome. Newer models available now.
SchlageDeadbolt Door LockBE468 Touchscreen Deadbolt, Class 2, less expensive model
SchlageDeadbolt Door LockBE469 Touchscreen Deadbolt, Class 1, with Deadbolt alarm
LinearGarage Door Opener Remote ControllerGD00Z-2 Easily Add to any garage door opener that has a 2 wire connection

ADT Pulse Non-Approved Devices List

These devices have been used and have been reported to work just fine. If you know of other devices that work fine, but are not ADT Approved, please let me know so we can add them to this list.

HoneywellDigital ThermostatZWStat Honeywells Zwave Thermostat – Programmable and a tad smarter than most thermostats.
YaleTouchscreen DeadboltZSYale High quality touchscreen deadbolt
KwiksetLevers99120 Levers with 6 button code that can be controlled with ADT Pulse
Kwikset11 Button Premium Deadbolt99140 Premium Deadbolt with 11 keys, smaller back, more sturdy design
KwiksetTouchscreen Deadbolt Lock99160 Touchscreen Deadbolt
LinearZ-wave Light BulbZSLB Light Bulb that can be controlled with ADT Pulse