About Zions Security Alarms

About the Company

Zions Security Alarms was founded in December 2001 – in the State of Utah. However, Zions Security is not a “Utah only” company. Far from it, Zions Security has branched out to several U.S. states. (See our locations here and our licenses here.) The company was founded on principles of integrity and industry, with the goal to last a very long time – just as Zion National Park is strong and virtually eternal.

We believe that Zions Security is the best – and by choosing Zions Security Alarms you can be sure that you will get personalized attention. By going with a local small business you will have a better experience and get a better price. We are also one of the only companies in the state of Utah that has a BBB rating of A+. We are also members of the Alarm Association.  Please feel free to contact us at any time for an estimate.

With more than 20 years of experience, Zions Security gives its customers a great experience whether you need home or business security or surveillance. Zions understands the importance of keeping your family and property safe and secure. The owner is, in fact, one of Zions’ best customers! There is no product offered that has not been given a personal trial by the owner, so that you can be sure that the owner can and will answer any questions related to any product the company offers. If you are curious, please take a look at what a few of our customers have to say on our testimonial page.

Check out our Youtube Channel for some sweet videos about us. Zions Security Alarms American Fork Office

About the Founder and Owner

A 2002 graduate of Brigham Young University, the founder and owner of Zions Security,  Jacob Menke, earned his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, Jacob began Zions Security Alarms before he graduated – during his junior year! By the time he graduated, he had expanded the company to over 100 employees in 3 different states. Jacob’s training in engineering has only enhanced his understanding of the products that Zions Security offers customers. Even so, Jacob has been fiscally oriented in business-related projects as young as age 8. He believes that “the customer is always right,” as far as meeting the needs of his clientele. Jacob has no problem listening to customers and making sure that they are happy with the products and services of Zions Security. Jacob loves his work. Even so, his greatest joy comes from his family; he is married and has six children. And they are all under the protection of Zions Security.

Jacob Menke

Office Staff

Jenny and Chante are the Office Managers. They help with scheduling, paperwork, billing, and more. They love to help people with their security needs. 

Jenny Limb Photo