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ADT User Manuals

These are the many different types of Control Panels that ADT Monitors and their ADT User Manuals

If you do not have or want a hard copy of a users manual, we have your back. Find your user manual for your ADT Monitored Security System below. Many of these systems are basically the same alarm panel but they may have different names or keypads. You can scroll up and down and look for the keypad that most closely resembles yours and then click on the link to see the manual.  As you will notice around 80% of the security systems installed are made by 3 companies – Honeywell (Ademco), DSC, and GE (ITI or Iterlogix). If your keypad is not one of these you see here please let us know and we will add it.

ADT User Manuals for Wireless Panels starting with the newest versions

dsc impassa

DSC Impassa Keypad User Manual

This is the DSC keypad that is an all-in-one wireless system

 Lynx Touch

Honeywell Lynx Touch User Manual

There have been several revisions of the touchscreen but the keypad to the left is the latest one

 Lynx Plus

Honeywell Lynx Plus User Manual

This is the latest Lynx keypad that is not a touchscreen

 adt safewatch quickconnect

Safewatch Quick Connect User Manual

 simon xt

Simon XT User Manual

The second generation Simon XT does not have a cover over the keys and is less boxey looking

 simon xt

Simon XT User Manual

This is the first Simon XT that has the cover that goes over the keys


LynxR2 User Manual

This keypad has the blue section around the keys

 Honeywell LynxREN

LynxREN User Manual

This is the first Lynx keypad

 simon 3

Simon 3 User Manual


ADT User Manuals for Hardwired or Hybrid Control Panels

dsc keypad

DSC Powerseries 1616 1832 and 1864 User Manual

The keypad to the left is one of the newer DSC Alpha Keypads.

 6150 keypad

Honeywell Vista 15P or Vista 20P User Manual

The numeric keypad is the one shown to the left.

 6150 keypad

Honeywell Vista 128BP/Vista 250BP/ Vista 128SIA User Manual

The numeric keypad is the one shown to the left.

 ge concord keypad

GE Concord User Manual

 ge concord keypad

GE Concord User Manual

Additional DSC Keypads for the same Power Series 1616, 1832, or 1864 User Manual

dsc pc1555 keypadThis is the most basic DSC keypad

old dsc keypad

This is an older model DSC Keypad. It says Power 832 on the top right. It has an older user manual.

dsc led5511 keypad

64 zone Keypad – same user manual as above

dsc 5511 keypad

64 zone Keypad – same user manual as above

 dsc led keypad

DSC LED Keypad


dsc touchscreen keypadDSC Touchscreen Keypad – Also same user manual as the keypads above


Other Honeywell Keypads that would have the same Vista 15P or 20P User Manual as the one above

Honeywell Basic Hardwired KeypadThis is the NEW basic Honeywell keypad

Alpha programming keypadThis is the NEW Honeywell Alpha Keypad

honeywell alpha keypadThis is the older Alpha Keypad

honeywell old touchscreenThis is the old touchscreen that Honeywell made. Maybe the first. It is black and white.

honeywell old color touchscreen

The first Honeywell Color Touchscreen Keypad for Vistas


old honeywell keypadOld numeric Honeywell Keypad – Usually used with a more basic Vista Panel like the Vista 10. Here is a user manual for it.