Honeywell Compatible Shock Sensor 100% compatibility with Honeywell wireless receivers as well as built-in electro-mechanical sensor with adjustable sensitivity. The shock sensor sensitivity can be adjusted to set how much force is required at impact to trigger the alarm. To increase the sensitivity, turn the white potentiometer clockwise, to decrease the sensitivity adjust it counterclockwise.

The Honeywell Compatible Recessed Door Window Sensor is a great discrete sensor that's also 100% compatible with DSC wireless receivers as well as Honeywell devices. Keep in mind that every door and window in a home or office should have alarm contacts installed on it. You should always remember to include openings in the overall count. Depending on a home’s or business size, this may end up being a lot of contacts, but it's important to avoid skipping a single door or window since each serves as a potential entry point for a burglar.

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued. For more options, you can check out our available here in our shop. This Honeywell Compatible Bypass Button Door Window Sensor features 100% compatibility with ADT Quickconnect as well as Safewatch Pro 3000. It's also compatible with Honeywell wireless receivers and has proven reliable crystal based wireless technology. It also allows you to push the button to bypass a door so you can leave while the system is armed. Additionally, this sensor has a snap-on interchangeable brown case. So, you can make sure your sensor blends in with any decor.

The Honeywell Compatible Home Disaster Sensor is what you need to help prevent multiple disasters in your home.  This sensor is compatible with Honeywell alarm panels equipped with wireless receivers as well as 2GIG wireless alarms. It provides water detection as well as freeze and heat detection in one device with unique wireless ID's for each function. This sensor comes with the Tri-Mode House Disaster Detection: Flood for broken pipes, Freeze for frozen pipes, and Heat for furnace runaway or air conditioner failure. It also has alarm differentiation for each condition, and unique wireless IDs or loops for each function.

Honeywell Compatible Motion Detector alarms when it senses motion or when you open the external contact. It is also battery powered and requires no installation tools. In addition, this detector is compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems, and it has a long range performance. It also has superior pet immunity and a long battery life. Additionally, these motion sensors are unique with an external contact sensor input on board that operates on a separate wireless ID. But if this isn't quite what you're looking for, please look at some of our other 2GIG products.

The Honeywell Compatible Glass Break Detector is a wireless glass break detector compatible with Honeywell wireless alarm systems. It identifies the unique sound of breaking glass when placed 4-25 feet from the protected glass. It also delivers a 4-6 year battery life, so you won't have to worry about replacing batteries too often. Unique to Honeywell, this glass break detector also has an external input with its own wireless channel that can be used to connect a wired alarm contact as a separate zone to the alarm system. This detector is also compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG.

Unfortunately, this product is currently Out of Stock. For replacement, you can check out this Wireless Temperature and Flood Sensor. The Honeywell Compatible Temperature Range Sensor can help you prevent potential disasters involving freezing and heating within your home. With this sensor, you will be notified if the temperature drops or rises outside of your preferred range. Additionally, it has unique loops for each function, so you can use it as just Freeze, just Overheat, or both at the same time. This sensor is also compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG.

Honeywell Compatible Driveway Sensor for Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems is a solution for sensing whenever someone pulls into your driveway. A lot of people have asked about driveway sensors but have had second thoughts because most driveway sensors of this caliber are wired versions that require you to dig a trench along your driveway to install the units. Well excavating your front yard/driveway is not an issue anymore with the Honeywell Compatible Driveway Sensor.