The Power Supply for the ADT Command Wireless Alpha Keypad originally comes with the purchase of your keypad, however, this is also available for purchase by itself. This transformer works as a power supply for the Alpha Keypad providing it the necessary power to function.  Furthermore, it has two prongs as well as steps down the 132VAC in most home outlets to only 9VDC. Furthermore, it put out 1.0 Amps while featuring a white plastic body. The terminals marked as + and – require matching up with the Wireless Alpha Keypad power terminals.

The ADT Command Wireless Receiver Module works as a plug in module (inside any control panel) for utilizing existing 1-way wireless devices. Is also compatible with ADT Command, Honeywell, 2GIG, Interlogix, as well as DSC. Features only one protocol at a time and no repeaters. Furthermore, once installed on the panel, the module requires the rotary dial set to the protocol specific to the panel. In addition, AIO Requires a new back plate which has a built in antenna. Whereas the Hybrid uses an external antenna. For additional information regarding the protocol of this module, see the chart listed below.

Internet Module for DSC or Honeywell enables Internet self monitoring, control and email or SMS alerts for compatible DSC Powerseries and Honeywell Vista alarm systems.  Remote access is possible using a PC web browser or smart phone.  You can check system status and control the system using your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android device as long as your device has Internet access. You can also use the app to access information quickly and conveniently through either Android or Apple devices.

The Wireless Flood and Temperature Sensor works best for applications including bathrooms, laundry rooms, furnace rooms, basements, and garages. The sensor also helps protect against temperature fluctuations. As well as flood conditions, reacting within 22 seconds when water is present. If the temperature drops below 45° or above 95° it will trigger the alarm. The versatile device configures to operate as a standalone temperature sensor, a flood detector or a combination temperature/flood detector. In addition, it's fully compatible with Safewatch Pro 3000, ADT Quick Connect, ADT TSSC, as well as 2GiG Panels. Furthermore, It also sends users alerts when detecting floods or extreme temperatures providing quicker time to take action to minimize as well as avert damages.

The Trident Honeywell Compatible Water Temp Sensor is a wireless environmental sensor that can detect both high and low-temperatures as well as water leaks. In addition, it's excellent for ensuring pets and belongings aren’t exposed to harsh temperatures, and can help prevent pipes from freezing. It will also help prevent water damage, freezing, and overheating conditions, which are common and costly insurance claims.

ADT Wireless Outdoor Gate Sensor is a weatherproof, water-resistant outdoor wireless transmitter that provides excellent detection. Also performance in extreme temperatures. It operates in temperatures from -40º F to 150º F 100% RH (-40º C to 66º C), (UL rated at 85% RH). The Honeywell Outdoor Wireless Contact also contains two unique zones. Furthermore, the first loop is a normally closed circuit contact that can have external devices wired directly to it. Compatible with Safewatch Pro, Vista, Lynx Plus, and ProSeries Panels.  

The Inovonics Wireless Motion Detector is for commercial and high-end domestic applications. In addition, this Inovonics motion detector features a rounded design for blending with the environment and offers extended battery life in high-traffic applications. It also has an integrated transmitter to meet the needs of every indoor installation and features advanced digital signal processing to recognize the human signature, size, and movement, thereby reducing false alarms.

Firstly The Inovonics Wireless Transmitter works as a universal transmitter- designed for use with almost any standard contact or sensor. Additional continuous check-ins ensure reliability. In addition, the full sensor is available here, including a magnetic switch that detects when a door or window gets opened or closed. Furthermore, this Inovonics product is also compatible with the Safewatch Pro 3000 panel.

Firstly, the Inovonics Wireless Door Window Sensor consists of a wireless transmitter and a magnetic switch that detects when a door or window gets opened or closed. Along with reed switch includes a built-in, side mounted magnetic reed switch, with a magnet that supports a 5/ 8" (15mm) gap. Additionally, the door/ window transmitter with reed switch is available in two configurations. Furthermore, this product is also compatible with the Safewatch Pro 3000.

Hardwired to Wireless Converter Transformer works specifically with the Honeywell ADT Hardwired to Wireless Converter. This part offers as a replacement in the event of damage to the included transformer. The Converter will convert your wired zones. Enabling them to work with Honeywell's new line of smart panel as well as the Lyric Controller! You don't need to think of the hassle of wires, this wireless converter transformer is ideal for a clean look. It provides a continuous power supply to your emergency devices at home ensuring safety all time round.