The ADT Hardwired to Wireless Converter helps existing 12-volt security systems by converting wired sensors to Honeywell’s wireless technology. Its ideal uses are to upgrade hardwired systems to LYNX Plus, Touch, or ADT Total Security systems. This provides connected home and business functionality. In addition, it can be used in new construction installations that have been fitted with hardwired systems. Converting existing wired zones to wireless saves on installation cost, time, and also materials since there's no need to replace wired devices with individual transmitters.

ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Vista Control Panel or Vista 20P is one of the most popular ADT installed security panels. It has hardwired and wireless abilities some refer to as hybrid. It has plenty of power to fuel a loud siren and a few keypads without the need of additional power supplies. It can also handle up to 48 zones, but only 8 out of the box. But it does have a zone doubling ability to allow you up to 15 zones without having to add a zone expanded. This panel is also known as the Vista 20P Honeywell Control Panel. Supports up to eight numeric or alpha keypads or four graphic color touchscreen keypads Check out the full description below for more info.

The ADT Wireless Receiver for Safewatch Pro Ademco Panels 16 zones is designed to use with control panels that support an RF receiver connection via the keypad terminals. The receiver also recognizes alarm, status, and keypad control messages from wireless transmitters operating at 345MHz. You can also employ one or two individually identified receivers, depending on the control used. Also keep in mind that the connecting multiple receivers to a control can provide redundant coverage or extend coverage in large areas.

The Honeywell Indoor/Outdoor 30 Watt 118db Siren is a siren and speaker in one that has two sound options(warble or steady). The wires are all enclosed to prevent easy tampering. You could also add a plunger switch to the siren if you wanted an alarm to sound if someone tries to remove it. When 12V are used, this siren has been capable of reaching 118dB. The Honeywell Indoor/Outdoor 30 Watt 118db Siren is made of high impact plastic material and you can use it indoors or outdoors.

The Wireless Hold-Up Switch is a finger-operated RF transmitting device. It typically mounts under a counter or money draw for inconspicuous operation. When the transmitter activates, it emits an RF signal to the receiver. The security system control panel sends a burglary alarm to the central station when it receives an RF signal from an enrolled Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter.

The Wireless Asset Protection Device is designed to guard against theft. This device is also extremely easy to install; You just pull out the battery tab, peel off the included adhesive backing tape, and then firmly press the sensor onto the asset in a hidden location. Additionally, you can easily attach the device to any valuable that needs protection within a home or business. This includes paintings, flat screens and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes, machinery, equipment, and more. Then if something disturbs or moves the object, an alarm will trigger. And since it's easy to install and monitor, this device is also an ideal solution for early warning notification or alarm verification.

The ADT Wireless Shock Sensor has been designed to mount directly on the glass surface and offers excellent protection for all glass types. This includes plate, tempered, laminated, and also wired. Additionally, the compact, versatile detector provides outstanding false alarm immunity.

This product is no longer available. But this ADT Wireless Heat Detector is compatible and a great replacement. The ADT Wireless Heat Detector uses both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise sensors. In rooms like the kitchens, garages, and places where dust and smoke are present in a non-emergency situation, a heat detector device should be used instead of a smoke detector.  This detector will prevent false alarms when cooking, and it will still protect you in a real fire emergency. Local smoke detectors should already be installed throughout the house, and are designed to alert you of fire while in the home. This heat detector is designed to protect your property along with those residing in the house. With ADT monitoring this detector, you can protect your home from a fire even if you are away from your house.  It will trigger an alarm if it detects the fixed temperature of 135° For high.  It will also alert the monitoring station if it detects a 15° F increase within one minute.