The Wireless Asset Protection Device is designed to guard against theft. This device is also extremely easy to install; You just pull out the battery tab, peel off the included adhesive backing tape, and then firmly press the sensor onto the asset in a hidden location. Additionally, you can easily attach the device to any valuable that needs protection within a home or business. This includes paintings, flat screens and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes, machinery, equipment, and more. Then if something disturbs or moves the object, an alarm will trigger. And since it's easy to install and monitor, this device is also an ideal solution for early warning notification or alarm verification.

The ADT Wireless Shock Sensor has been designed to mount directly on the glass surface and offers excellent protection for all glass types. This includes plate, tempered, laminated, and also wired. Additionally, the compact, versatile detector provides outstanding false alarm immunity.

This product is no longer available. But this ADT Wireless Heat Detector is compatible and a great replacement. The ADT Wireless Heat Detector uses both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise sensors. In rooms like the kitchens, garages, and places where dust and smoke are present in a non-emergency situation, a heat detector device should be used instead of a smoke detector.  This detector will prevent false alarms when cooking, and it will still protect you in a real fire emergency. Local smoke detectors should already be installed throughout the house, and are designed to alert you of fire while in the home. This heat detector is designed to protect your property along with those residing in the house. With ADT monitoring this detector, you can protect your home from a fire even if you are away from your house.  It will trigger an alarm if it detects the fixed temperature of 135° For high.  It will also alert the monitoring station if it detects a 15° F increase within one minute.

ADT Wireless Recessed Roller Plunger Switch provides concealed protection for entry doors and is so small it virtually disappears once installed. With features including a clean, fast installation, battery life of up to 7 years* and exceptional range, you’ll want to use it where aesthetics and discretion are critical. But if this isn't what you're looking for, feel free to look at any of our other wireless sensors.

The ADT Siren Wireless DSC Impassa provides and an alert to potential danger before a person moves too far into the home. With its powerful sounder, the ADT Siren Wireless DSC Impassa will notify you of these issues from its remote location, but it will not indicate the location of the control panel. The siren also distinguishes between burglar and fire alarm by emitting different sounds for each. It also indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps, and uses multiple door chimes. Additionally, the ADT Siren Wireless DSC Impassa is compatible with the IQ Panel 4.