The ADT Recess Mount Motion Detector is a hardwired motion detector that requires wiring to the control panel. You can adjust it to be vertical or horizontal, and you usually install it on a wall. This detector fits nicely into the wall so it's out of sight. It also fits in a single gang box, or you can recess it in a wall. Additionally, it covers 40 by 56 feet, so you've got quite the range with this detector. But you can also choose this ADT Outdoor Motion Detector Honeywell Wireless for that is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations.

The Lynx Plus Keypad/Panel  is the newest Honeywell Lynx panel. (not including the Lynx Touch which is a more expensive model that ADT doesnt use) If you have an older model Lynx that needs replacing, this is what you need. It will be compatible with all of your existing Honeywell wireless devices. But it would need to be programmed again and may require a technician's visit.

The Firefighter Smoke Alarm Detector by Encore Controls is the easiest, most cost-effective way to add fire alarm monitoring to your 2GIG, Interlogix (319), and Qolsys wireless panel. It is also compatible with Honeywell (345) Systems. (Most ADT installs are Honeywell, but some are also GE Concord and Simons. Some are also DSC, and there is currently not a DSC compatible Firefighter.) The FireFighter’s™ unique technology monitors the existing UL smoke detectors within the home. When it detects an alarm, it sends a wireless signal to the control panel. The panel then contacts the central monitoring station.

Improve your door garage using this Qolsys Garage Door Sensor that is designed to tell users whether their door garage is open or closed. The garage sensor houses a cylinder with a metal bearing inside. It has an encrypted S-line sensor technology that protects sent to your IQ panel.

This System Enhancement Module supports a 4G LTE cellular network and enables wireless reporting of alarms and other system events using LTE and broadband ethernet. It provides web and smartphone configuration to access and control the system like Partner Portal and MobileTech.

The 2GIG Edge Kit offers the ultimate protection for your home or business and ensures that you will have a strong and consistent security system. This 2GIG Edge Kit features advanced security capabilities for home automation and smart home integration. We offer you the 2GIG Edge Security LTE Control Panel with On-the-edge processing technology that enables touchless disarm and the industry-first home security system.