This is the Replacement Transformer Honeywell Lynx, Quickconnect, Simon XT Panels that does not include a ground anymore (I guess it was not really necessary). It is also the same transformer that works with the Simon XT. It is 9VAC with 25VA power rating. So the one you will get will not have a ground, just the two screw terminals. (They do not make the one with the ground anymore)

This is the Alpha Custom Programming Hardwired Keypad for Honeywell Vista or Safewatch Pro Systems. It's more advanced than the numeric keypad because it has two lines of letter or number characters. This is why it's usually needed to program the alarm system. It also helps to know which zone is tripped by giving a word and number description of the zone instead of just a number. It has four wires that provide power and data. It's also very easy to install, replace, or add additional keypads to the panel.

The ADT Wireless Smoke Detector is a detector that's compatible with Safewatch Pro 3000, Quickconnect Panels, and now TS Panels. You may have smoke detectors in your home already, but you can't connect them to ADT's monitoring stations. Did you know that over 80% of fire deaths occur in the home? By adding this detector to your home, help can be notified automatically in the event of a fire.

This Wireless ADT Motion Detector is pet immune up to 80lbs. This motion needs to be programmed and can only be added if your panel has room for another wireless zone) It is compatible with all Honeywell Wireless compatible panels. These include Quick connect, Lynx Plus, Lynx Touch, Safewatch, and Vista panels.

The ADT Recess Mount Motion Detector is a hardwired motion detector that requires wiring to the control panel. You can adjust it to be vertical or horizontal, and you usually install it on a wall. This detector fits nicely into the wall so it's out of sight. It also fits in a single gang box, or you can recess it in a wall. Additionally, it covers 40 by 56 feet, so you've got quite the range with this detector. But you can also choose this ADT Outdoor Motion Detector Honeywell Wireless for that is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations.