Pro Series Wireless Combo Detector is a two-in-one wireless alarm set that combines smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide (CO) detection into a single encrypted wireless sensor that is directly controlled and managed through the Proseries panels. The product can communicate from more than 300 feet away from the panel in the open air, and it uses 128-bit AES encryption in all of its wireless communication making it a more reliable and efficient warning alarm device for your homes. This wireless combo detector is easily auto-enrolled with the panel, and it offers spoken voice annunciation in English or Spanish.

Pro Series Wireless Outdoor Siren is a wireless connectivity siren that is made for outdoor settings. This siren produces sounds of up to 85 dB to alert those on-site to an alarm event. It is made with an integrated strobe light which provides a visual indication of an alarm; it will flash both red and white during a fire or CO alarm, perfect functionality for hearing-impaired individuals.

The Pro Series Wireless Glassbreak Detector is an innovative and efficiently designed glass break detector device that can detect the sound of glass breaking within 25ft for the Pro Series Panel. It features a system Health Check feature that allows the monitoring of device signal strength, sensor settings, temperature, and battery life remotely via AlarmNet 360. This product is another part of the SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology; a wireless motion detector equipped with a glass break sensor and alarm siren provides reliable security for your smart home.

The Pro Series Wireless Heat Detector is a wireless connectivity heat sensor that activates when the temperature reaches a fixed high set point of 135℉ (57℃) and/or a Rate-of-Rise (RoR) heat condition at >104℉ (40℃) with a 15℉/minute (8.33℃/minute) RoR. This device can detect fire and extreme heat conditions which directly sends the communication to the proseries panels.

Pro Series Wireless Door Window Sensor is one of the most modern designed sensors for doors and windows that has amazing features incomparable to other door window sensors available in the market. This sensor is compatible and directly controlled through the Honeywell Proseries 7 All in One Touch Screen Panel. When its enabled and one of your sensors detects an opening it will sound the alarm at the keypad. It is a must-have Wireless Door Window Sensor that is easy to install and provides optimum protection to your home. You may also check our full list of Wireless Door Window Sensors here.

The Pro Series Wireless Alpha Keypad is an easy-to-set-up wireless keypad designed to be customizable to provide full convenience and control. This Wireless Keypad features a single-button operation which makes it easier to handle plus the large display on the wireless keypad has continuous backlighting for higher visibility and a Piezoelectric sounder that indicates system status, entry/exit delay, and other alarm situations. This keypad is compatible with the Honeywell Proseries 7 All in One Touch Screen Panel.

Pro Series Wireless Mini Door Window Sensor is a contact sensor that uses 128-bit AES encryption and provides reliable detection for a door or window being opened or closed. It is compatible with the Pro Series Panel. Most door and window sensors work through the use of a magnet, which is already equipped with the sensor. The magnet is placed on the moving portion of the door or window, and the sensor is placed on the door or window frame. Opening the door or window will cause the magnet to become separated from the sensor, which will release its internal reed switch. The sensor will then know to send an alert to the alarm panel and provide awareness, safety, and protection to your home.