The 2GIG Edge Kit offers the ultimate protection for your home or business and ensures that you will have a strong and consistent security system. This 2GIG Edge Kit features advanced security capabilities for home automation and smart home integration. We offer you the 2GIG Edge Security LTE Control Panel with On-the-edge processing technology that enables touchless disarm and the industry-first home security system.

The IQ4 Hub Kit is the best home security component to protect your family and property from burglary, home intrusion, and theft. This kit offers affordability and effective, and reliable protection. You can have the IQ4 Hub which is the perfect security system for homes and businesses that want the latest tech on home security.

The Proseries Touchscreen Panel Kit is made and built for homeowner and business owners who wants the best protection for their family or business. This kit includes Honeywell ProSeries 7 All-in-One Touchscreen Panel that has Alexa functionality, which will help users to control smart home applications using simple voice commands.

The ClareOne Z-Wave Indoor Siren is an easily mountable siren that extends its alarm’s range to include additional areas of your home. It is loud enough to provide awareness when intruders attempt to go inside your home. The siren supports Z-Wave plus, and features unique visual alerts from 3 bright front-facing LEDs that operates in a temperature of 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C).

ClareOne Door Window Sensor with Shock Detector is an innovative sensor that acts as dual protection; open/close and detects vibrations made by an intruder attempting to break a window. This sensor contains a piezo detection device that detects vibrations when mounted on a window frame. The device also has a built-in reed switch to monitor the opening and closing of the door or window. When activated, the sensor transmits a signal to the ClareOne Wireless Home Security Panel. These are the signals the unit provides: supervisory, tamper, and low battery (as needed).  

The ClareOne Keyfob is a personal wireless handheld alarm sensor that is battery-operated. This device can perform as a personal alarm system and can prevent takeovers of the main panel. This keyfob has a range of 100 feet, however, metal floors and nearby appliances can affect its full range performance. It operates with buttons wherein pressed, the associated alarm is sent to the ClareOne Wireless Home Security panel.