Pro Series Wireless Mini Door Window Sensor is a contact sensor that uses 128-bit AES encryption and provides reliable detection for a door or window being opened or closed. It is compatible with the Pro Series Panel. Most door and window sensors work through the use of a magnet, which is already equipped with the sensor. The magnet is placed on the moving portion of the door or window, and the sensor is placed on the door or window frame. Opening the door or window will cause the magnet to become separated from the sensor, which will release its internal reed switch. The sensor will then know to send an alert to the alarm panel and provide awareness, safety, and protection to your home.

The Outdoor Wireless Curtain Motion creates a narrow protective shield across windows, balconies, doors, driveways, and other entranceways. With a superior outdoor detection range of up to 26 ft. This motion detector has minimal false alarms. Even though small in size, the Outdoor Wireless Curtain Motion is big on performance. With the PowerG wireless technology inside the detector.

The Resideo Proseries Wireless Repeater is a wireless repeater that extends the range of six wireless devices. It's an ideal solution for commercial and residential installations that require an increased RF range. This Resideo Proseries Wireless Repeater eliminates the need to run wires to a secondary receiver and also eliminates the need to upgrade to a larger control panel that supports two receivers, saving time and money.  It also receives an alarm, status, and control messages from six technology sensors, and repeats these messages to the control panel via the primary receiver. The most common panel that this is compatible with is the Honeywell ProSeries 7 All-in-One Touchscreen Panel.

With the Wireless Doorbell Chime Extender Never miss another visitor just because you missed hearing the bell. Simply connect the Wireless Doorbell Extender to your existing traditional hard wired doorbell with the wires that come with the extender, after that make sure you push the buttons inside on both the extender and the chime so they connect to each other. You will also need to plug in the battery to the chime.

The Elk Wireless Door/Window Mini Sensor is a Supervised, Wireless Door Sensor that detects the opening and closing of doors or windows. The small and low profile sensor and magnet are mounted using screws (included) or double-sided adhesive tape (included). As the door is opened or closed, the sensor transmits an open (trip) or close (restore) signal to the panel. Additionally transmitted signals include: tamper, hourly supervisory, and low battery (as needed). The sensor is powered by two (2) replaceable 3VDC, lithium coin-cell batteries. This sensor is compatible with Elk’s 319MHz Receivers/Panels as well as many other panels that operate on the 319.5MHz Frequency and adhere to the ITI/Interlogix protocol.

The ADT Wireless Heat Detector offers expanded fire detection and installation flexibility. Additionally ideal for hard-to-wire locations and applications that require more than smoke detection. This is a fast and easy install with no wires to run. Furthermore, this detector contains a built-in fixed temperature sensor, which will signal an alarm if the environmental temperature rises above 135°F. While also incorporating an additional rate-of-rise temperature sensor. Fires typically cause a rapid rise in temperature in the surrounding area. Lastly, the rate-of-rise thermostat senses the rise in temperature and signals an alarm if the increase is 15°F or more per minute.

The Power Supply for the ADT Command Wireless Alpha Keypad originally comes with the purchase of your keypad, however, this is also available for purchase by itself. This transformer works as a power supply for the Alpha Keypad providing it the necessary power to function.  Furthermore, it has two prongs as well as steps down the 132VAC in most home outlets to only 9VDC. Furthermore, it put out 1.0 Amps while featuring a white plastic body. The terminals marked as + and – require matching up with the Wireless Alpha Keypad power terminals.

The ADT Command Wireless Receiver Module works as a plug in module (inside any control panel) for utilizing existing 1-way wireless devices. Is also compatible with ADT Command, Honeywell, 2GIG, Interlogix, as well as DSC. Features only one protocol at a time and no repeaters. Furthermore, once installed on the panel, the module requires the rotary dial set to the protocol specific to the panel. In addition, AIO Requires a new back plate which has a built in antenna. Whereas the Hybrid uses an external antenna. For additional information regarding the protocol of this module, see the chart listed below.