To enroll the sensor, set your panel into program mode, refer to your specific alarm panel manual for details on these menus. There are two triggers on this device and each uses a unique loop number. The tilt sensor assigns to loop 2 and the external input assigns as loop 1. To auto enroll the tilt sensor, you must ensure the tilt is orientated in the up position (refer to picture and note location of arrow on the plastics). When prompted by the panel, move the device until its orientated in the horizontal position. To auto enroll the external contact input, trigger the sensor by closing the circuit between the two terminal inputs when prompted by the panel. This works with a piece of wire, or if using a hardwired contact, by applying the magnet to that contact. This serial number is printed on the device if manual enrollment is desired. The tilt sensor can operate as an “exit / entry” zone or a “perimeter zone”. Set the zone type for the wireless tilt sensor in your panel.

The ADT Wireless Receiver for Honeywell/Ademco Panels 40 zones  is a wireless receiver that supports as many radio frequency (RF) zones as its security system will support. You can remotely mount the receiver away from your alarm control panel using a 4-wire connection to get a more centrally located point of wireless reception. Also keep in mind that most Honeywell security systems are only capable of using (1) wireless receiver. Therefore, consider where you will be mounting your wireless devices before you mount your wireless receiver.

Honeywell Hardwired Alpha Keypad with Wireless Receiver is a great looking piece of equipment that will turn your wired panel into a wireless sensor ready panel. Additionally, if you need a keypad with more detail as well as programming capabilities that includes a wireless receiver, this is the keypad for you. In addition, Honeywell Hardwired Alpha Keypad with Wireless Receiver is designed with one thing in mind: easy programming. While Honeywell's wired panels have a reputation for being a bit unintuitive for end-user programming, this keypad was designed to solve that pain point. Furthermore, for customers unfamiliar with the system, the new, sleek user interface also makes getting around the system a simple task.

The Honeywell Hardwired Basic Keypad with Wireless Receiver is necessary to add if you need a keypad and a wireless receiver in one unit. It also saves you from having to install two components. In addition, with sleek, rounded edges and an appealing, symmetrical design, this keypad is an excellent addition to any installation. It also features a larger eight-line display, and it includes VISTA Intelligent Programming (VIP). VIP is menu-based programming for the most common features to help make it easier to program. Additionally, enhanced function, as well as arming keys, are great for easy use.

The iPCAM-WL is Honeywell's previous addition to its video services with Total Connect since replaced by the 720p and 1080p models. This model has been discontinued.  It is the ideal security camera if you are looking to see indoors in daylight or darkness. It has an IR LED to help illuminate when there is a low light situation. Is the iPCAM-WL Easy to Install? It is very easy to install by connecting an ethernet cable to the back of it from your internet router or by using the wireless ability. (The wireless ability requires that your router have a WPS button on the back of it - older wireless routers may not have this)

The Honeywell ADT Wireless Siren is a fully wireless siren that provides periodic status information and battery back up for an added level of performance and protection. This is the wireless siren made for the ADT TSSC Security System. The flexible design simplifies installation, saves time, and installs in seconds at any location without the need to run wires. You can see the system status on the wireless siren with three LEDs directly on the front of the unit.

The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2B is a fixed IP WIFI security camera supported by AlarmNet’s Total Connect service. It is the black one, but white ones are also available. This service is $10 a month if you already have monitoring service with us or $20+ a month if you want the camera service only. Anyone can add this camera to their home or business as long as they have high speed internet with the correct upload speed. Since these are discontinued they are replaced with the Low Light IP Camera.

The Honeywell Outdoor Wireless Contact is a weatherproof, water resistant, outdoor, wireless transmitter that provides excellent detection. It Also performs well in extreme temperatures. It operates in temperatures from -40˚ F to 150˚ F (-40˚ C to +66˚ C), (100% RH). This contact also contains two unique zones. The first loop is a normally closed circuit contact that can have external devices wired directly to it. The second loop is a built-in magnetic reed switch that uses to protect gates, sheds, detached garages or any other outdoor area with an exit/entry point.