This Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat provides the right temperature for your family. It prioritizes a specific room or multiple rooms and lets comfort follow you wherever you are in your home. With its geofence technology, it will automatically use your smartphone's location to save you more time and effort if you leave your home or get comfortable when you return.

This Honeywell Shock Glassbreak Detector protects all types of glass (plate, wire, tempered, and laminated) from potential intruders. It has an 8 feet radius that is designed to detect and alert users for possible forced entry attempts. The detector is directly mounted to the glass surface and is wired to a two-wire power protective loop.

This Honeywell RTE PIR Sensor is designed for access control applications and to ensure that users are able to freely and safely exit the area. It has a Piezo Sounder with a volume control application that offers louder sound output and low power consumption.

This Honeywell Home VISTA Alarm Control Panel provides a powerful and reliable solution for alarm systems to protect small to medium-sized businesses from any burglary and unauthorized access. With its V-Plex® and wireless options, this panel will maximize installation flexibility and simplify end-user operation.

The Pro Series Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology. It is an easy-to-install and efficient carbon monoxide detector that is ideal for homes and business establishments. Additionally, this product ideally supports remote diagnostics and updates to reduce truck rolls and is secured to protect accounts from competitive takeover, and is directly controlled through the ProSeries Panel 7 All in one Touchscreen Panel.

The Pro Series Wireless Flood Detector is an early warning device and encrypted flood sensor that can be directly managed and controlled through proseries panels. It is an efficient and reliable sensor that quickly detects floods or water leaks. Flood sensors are designed to get alerts ahead of time when total damage has been done. Thus, this sensor comes with a detachable Probe for detecting water and leaks. An alert will be sent to the security system within 15 seconds of detecting the liquid. Ensuring safety and avoidance of damages.