This Honeywell Home VISTA Alarm Control Panel provides a powerful and reliable solution for alarm systems to protect small to medium-sized businesses from any burglary and unauthorized access. With its V-Plex® and wireless options, this panel will maximize installation flexibility and simplify end-user operation.

The Pro Series Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology. It is an easy-to-install and efficient carbon monoxide detector that is ideal for homes and business establishments. Additionally, this product ideally supports remote diagnostics and updates to reduce truck rolls and is secured to...

The Pro Series Wireless Flood Detector is an early warning device and encrypted flood sensor that can be directly managed and controlled through proseries panels. It is an efficient and reliable sensor that quickly detects floods or water leaks. Flood sensors are designed to get alerts ahead of time when total damage has been done. Thus, this sensor comes with a detachable Probe for detecting water and leaks. An alert will be sent to the security system within 15 seconds of detecting the liquid. Ensuring safety and avoidance of damages.

The Pro Series Wireless Shock Sensor is a three-zone shock detector that can also be utilized as a door window sensor, a shock sensor, or as a wireless transmitter using the terminals. It is managed and controlled directly through the use of Proseries panels such as the Proseries 7 All in One Touchscreen Panel. You have the option to utilize all the early warning device's programs; shock detector, door window sensor and wireless transmitter, or turn off any of the features if not being used. This product is a perfect addition to emergency and protection preparedness.

Honeywell Home Proseries Smoke Detector Coverplate is a protective plate designed for Proseries Smoke Detector and Proseries Heat Detector. It improves aesthetics by covering up any old paint color or screw holes No need to spackle or repaint the heat and smoke detectors over again, allowing cleaner installation. It installs over previously installed, ceiling/junction box or a new install. This product features a Gasket with a sticker that says "WARNING! DO NOT REMOVE GASKET" which minimizes airflow from larger holes and reduces the chance of a stack effect that could interfere with smoke detector performance. The Stack Effect occurs when there is airflow in the ceiling or wall cavity that the smoke detector is mounted on that negatively impacts the entry of smoke into the optical sensing chamber.

The Pro Series Wireless Module is a fast and easy-to-install, single plug-in module that provides easier and more extensive communication among Pro series panels towards its multiple wireless security sensors and devices. The Pro Series Wireless Module allows you to connect and have control over your in-home devices from anywhere you are through any mobile device.  Additionally, this Module supports 315, 345, and 433 MHz competitive protocols wherein the protocol selection is based on a single rotary switch.