The Wireless Recessed Door Sensor Honeywell Compatible is a magnetic contact sensor that provides concealed protection for doors. If you want to have a wireless door sensor but don't want it to be surface mounted, you can recess this one into your wooden door jam.  Since it's wireless, it uses a lithium battery that usually lasts 2-5 years depending on frequency of use. So you won't have to worry about constantly changing batteries.

Wireless ADT Honeywell Glassbreak Detector monitored by ADT offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. It is compatible with all ADT Quickconnect and ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Control Panels. The FlexCoreTM signal processor uses an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) - processing sound data in parallel rather than sequentially. This permits sound frequency, duration, and amplitude to be analyzed 50% faster to minimize false alarms while maintaining the highest possible level of detection.

This is the Wireless Temperature and Flood Sensor for Honeywell Lynx or Vista Panels. (Also for Safewatch Pro 3000, Quickconnect Panels, and TS Panels) It requires a flood probe and a 2.2M Ohm resistor(it comes with it) if you want to use it for flood. You will probably also want some of this wire and a few of these wire connectors. It does not require anything to use it for temperature unless you want to monitor the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer. Then it requires a temperature probe. There is a new flood sensor that sits on the ground that can accomplish this also without having to wire anything and also one that comes with the probe already attached.  See description for more info...

This is the ADT Keyfob four-button remote that is compatible with Honeywell or Safewatch Pro control panels. (Quickconnect, Safewatch pro 3000, TSSC) If you are not sure what type of panel you have, you can read this blog post. You need to have wireless zones available if you want to add this. If you just need to replace one that you lost we can just use those same zones. It needs to be programmed into the panel and it takes either a technician or an advanced customer that can figure out programming on their own. We can also help you program it if you purchase phone support. Also, you need to have a programming keypad in order to program this into your Safewatch Pro 3000 System.

This is the standard ADT wireless door or ADT window sensor that's compatible with Honeywell or Safewatch Pro ADT Alarm Panels. If you're not sure if your panel is compatible, read this blog post about how to identify your panel type.  If it's a version of a Lynx, Safewatch Pro, Quick Connect, or Vista, then it's compatible. The ADT Pulse TSSC Panel is also compatible. Another compatible product is the ADT Command Door/Window Sensor. The sensor also comes with the magnet (the smaller part shown below), and it includes a supervised replaceable lithium battery. It's available in white or brown. If you just need a new magnet you can get one here.

This Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat provides the right temperature for your family. It prioritizes a specific room or multiple rooms and lets comfort follow you wherever you are in your home. With its geofence technology, it will automatically use your smartphone's location to save you more time and effort if you leave your home or get comfortable when you return.

This Honeywell Shock Glassbreak Detector protects all types of glass (plate, wire, tempered, and laminated) from potential intruders. It has an 8 feet radius that is designed to detect and alert users for possible forced entry attempts. The detector is directly mounted to the glass surface and is wired to a two-wire power protective loop.

This Honeywell Home Vibration Sensor is designed to detect motion and vibrations in your home. It has a security system that will detect theft and intruders or other potential threats in your home or your property. With its small and inconspicuous design, this will fit on any ceiling, walls, safe, and glass inside your home.

This Honeywell RTE PIR Sensor is designed for access control applications and to ensure that users are able to freely and safely exit the area. It has a Piezo Sounder with a volume control application that offers louder sound output and low power consumption.