This product is discontinued. For more options, you can always check out our available here in our shop. The ADT Lynx Touch Kit is among the most common security systems installed in homes and businesses today.  In addition, it can handle 40 wireless zones and has a talking alpha keypad (this means it’s really easy to program or discover what is wrong if there’s an issue). Furthermore, the Lynx Plus Keypad/Panel comes with 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, as well as 1 keychain remote.

While the Vista 20P Hardwired Kit is considered a residential alarm control panel, it is certainly equipped with enough features to be used in commercial settings as well. This kit consists of a circuit board installed inside of a metal alarm cabinet. You can connect alarm keypads, hardwired alarm devices, alarm sirens, etc. to the alarm control panel’s circuit board to customize your home security system. The VISTA 20P alarm control panel does need to be paired with at least (1) alarm keypad to control your home security system.

The ADT Safewatch Pro Slim Alpha Keypad is compact in size with a portrait style design to fit more applications and has an attractive white console that blends in perfectly with any decor. In addition, the Keypad features a custom alpha backlit display, where end-users can personalize each zone, making system operation easy. Furthermore, the Keypad can also display three-digit zone numbers for use with higher-end systems and contains a contoured, removable door that conceals soft-touch illuminated keys with your system.

If you are looking for a compatible ADT Outdoor Siren Kit to your ADT QuickConnect or ADT Pulse TSSC System , you have come to the right place. This kit allows you to save $60-$70 worth of parts if purchased alone! Choose the siren that works best for you and your system with the 3 options available. There are two issues that make it difficult to accomplish this. First, the control panel itself doesn’t have enough power to connect a hardwired siren like an ADT Safewatch Pro 3000. Second, there isn’t an wireless outdoor siren that’s compatible with your system (only an indoor wireless siren).

The ADT Command Smoke Detector is easier to install, featuring a battery pull-tab auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors. In addition, it's easier to maintain.  The System Health Check features lets you monitor device signal strength, sensor settings, temperature, and battery life anytime, anywhere. So this lets you quickly and proactively troubleshoot. Additionally, the device is protected by 128-bit AES encryption, which makes it almost impossible for hackers to take over. When activated, it will send a command to the ADT Command Smart Security Panel to perform the Response Type for that wireless zone.

This ADT Command Alphanumeric Keypad Replacement Battery is what keeps your Alphanumeric Keypad running when the power goes out. As it is only 7.2V 600mAh, it will occasionally need to be replaced. You can just order the battery here and we will automatically ship it to your home so you can replace it yourself. If your keypad looks like the one pictured below, then this is the correct battery to order.

ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector This is an ADT monitored carbon monoxide detector. It connects to your security system monitoring so that if it goes off your monitoring station (ADT) will notify you. Additionally, CO detectors save lives every year and it’s recommended for every security system...

Ceiling Horn Strobe offers the most versatile and easy-to-use line of horns, strobes, and horn strobes in the industry with lower current draws and modern aesthetics. With white and red plastic housings, wall and ceiling mounting options, System Sensor L-Series can meet virtually any application requirement with any FACP(fire alarm control panel). The entire L-Series product line of ceiling-mount strobes and horn strobes include a variety of features that increase their application versatility while simplifying installation. All devices feature a plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box, making installations fast and foolproof while virtually eliminating costly and time consuming ground faults.