ClareOne Personal Panic Keyfob is a wireless hand-held device that can be carried anywhere around the home or business. This handheld device has only 1 button. When it is double-pressed, the button sends a wireless alert to the panel. This alert sets the panel to Panic. This pendant features a powerful, exceptional range and has a long-lasting battery.

Pro Series Hardwired Module is a reliable and efficient wired-to-wireless module specifically designed for the Proseries 7 All-in-One Touchscreen Panel. This module is created to integrate existing wired sensors with the proseries system controllers or panels. It provides an option to maintain the existing hardwired sensor setup with 8 zone capacity. If you have more than 8 hardwired zones you would need additional modules.

The Pro Series Thin Door Window Sensor is an efficient and reliable door and window sensor that is managed and controlled by Proseries panels such as the proseries 7 All in One Touchscreen panel through the 128-bit AES encryption feature for enhanced security to your home or establishments. This Door and Window sensor is considered to be a bit larger version of the Pro Series Wireless Mini Door Window Sensor so it can house a larger longer-lasting lithium battery but still provides optimum performance with a smaller footprint than the standard proseries sensor.

The Qolsys IQ Pro is the best option if you are wanting a hardwired or hybrid system in a home or business. It has dual path communications built-in for LTE cellular and WiFi or Ethernet. It has the ability to start with 8 hardwired zones and expand it up to 128 zones with zone expanders. Those zones can also be wireless with the Power G technology if you prefer to not run a wire.

This Resideo 1080P Outdoor WiFi Camera offers up to 1080p frames per second. With a wide-angle view and up to four detection zones. With a simple QR code-based setup, this camera is fast and easy to install. This Feature-rich camera solution will enhance your customer offering. Which will enable you to compete more effectively and grow your RMR. The Resideo 1080P Outdoor WiFi Camera has a built-in SD card that ensures backup storage in the event of an internet outage. It also offers the option for 7-day or 30-day video storage. Another feature that this camera has is night vision or low light vision so that you can use this camera in dark environments. Furthermore, this camera has digital zoom capabilities and flexible mounting options.

The Universal Alula Communicator is the ultimate system takeover device, easily upgrading security platforms to a modern, mobile experience. Which is much more than a basic communicator, this device smartly bridges intrusion security, video and automation with the Alula IOS or Android Apps.

The 2GIG Edge Security LTE Control Panel sets a new benchmark in form and function. This panel has a sleek design and it's more powerful than ever. On-the-edge processing technology is the difference that enables touchless disarm and the industry-first home security system.

The Lutron Caseta Hub is used to connect all of your Lutron devices to one hub allowing for control of all of them remotely. With this, you can connect your or ADT Control app and control your lights from your phone. To set up this hub all you will need to do is connect this to your router and then connect this hub to whatever app you are using.