The ADT Pulse Smart Outlet can be used to control lighting as well as small appliances that are plugged into the bottom outlet. (The top outlet is a normal one.) This outlet is similar to adding an ADT Pulse Lamp Module with the difference needing to swap out the electrical outlet vs just plugging the Lamp Module in.  But it's nice to not have the module there when you can fit it inside the outlet. Since the ADT Pulse Smart Outlet is a powered ADT Pulse device, it also functions as a zwave repeater for the mesh network.

This Product is no longer available. This ADT Outdoor Dome Camera 1080p is what we recommend. ADT Pulse Outdoor Dome Camera in 1MP 720P. Now you can add this outside your home under your eve or inside your home on the ceiling. Easy to learn in and similar quality as the OC835. Best if you want a more vandal-proof design that people can't mess with as easily. You may also want to add wire and the junction box to hide the wires and the wall mount bracket so you can mount them to any wall.