This replacement plug ADT Pulse Cameras  RC8025, OC835,  and OC810 can be used to supply power to security cameras that run on 12 volts just like the ADT Pulse Cameras.  This is usually enough power for any single camera. Furthermore, the replacement plug is used for Pulse, Analog, and even network cameras. Also, this is only if you are not getting the power over the Ethernet. Furthermore, it's compatible with the OC810, RC8025, and iCamera-1000. Consequently, the ADT Pulse Replacement Plugs are not compatible with are the and the RC8325. These cameras use this plug here. 

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the ADT Pulse Dual-Outlet Lamp Module. The ADT Pulse Z-wave Extender helps broaden the mesh network that is made up of all powered z-wave devices. This extender also provides wireless control for any plug-in fluorescent lamp or small appliance, such as a coffee pot. The module simply plugs into a standard power outlet, and your lamp or appliance plugs into the module. Now the connected device can be turned on or off and dimmed or brightened with any Z-Wave controller!

**The ADT Pulse RC8325-ADT Indoor Night HD Camera is Discontinued** The new version is located here. The ADT Pulse RC8325-ADT Indoor Night HD Camera was the first HD camera with 720P resolution on ADT Pulse. It is the start of the next generation of ADT Pulse video with 90 degree angles, HD video quality, and even easier to add to the eco-system than the RC8025. It was specially designed for ADT and had a nice clean modern look that can fit into any home or business. If you are looking for the outdoor version see the oc835ADT here.