The Single Gang Siren is a siren that emits 101 decibels and has a low 100MA current draw, making it fairly easy to power. You can use the siren for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Single Gang Siren has narrow frame mount assemblies that are equipped with buzzers and sirens. It also provides an indication of whether a door is open or unlocked. If this isn't the siren that you're looking for, please check out our other sirens.

The ADT Low Amp Indoor Siren is an indoor alarm siren with a piezo sounder. This siren is unique since it only draws 60mA when set to the low output and 110mA when set to the high output. This is an important feature as some Honeywell alarm control panels don’t have enough sounder output to power sirens that draw a lot of current. If this isn't the siren that you're looking for, please check out our other sirens.

The ADT Strobe Light has high intensity flashes for fast premises identification. You can surface mount this strobe light or mount it on alarm bell housing. It also has excellent visibility and the widest angle coverage. You definitely won't miss this strobe light. In addition, this strobe light has 6 to 12 volts DC operation in single unit and a low current consumption of 350 mA, which makes it ideal for control panels that don't have a lot of output.

The Ultra Sensitive Relay Module is a module that can be used in either the 12VDC or 24VDC operation mode. There's an isolated trigger that is rated at 3VDC to 24VDC, 2mA to 16mA and can be wired as positive or negative. You can use this module when connecting an external alarm siren to a Honeywell LYNX Touch or Plus wireless alarm control panel. If you want to use this module, you'll need to wire it directly to the LYNX Touch trigger terminal.

This groundbreaking communications solution offers full data reporting as well as uploading/downloading with most Honeywell control panels. In addition, with onboard zone inputs and optional dialer capture capability, we’re compatible with other manufacturers’ security panels as well. Furthermore, Honeywell communication products, as well as control panels, combine to make installations faster as well as easier.