The ADT Hold Up Button Stainless Steel was designed for silent operation.  It's also available in a stainless steel cover like this one, or a plastic case, and even wireless versions. They mount quickly and easily in discreet locations. The ADT Hold Up Buttons work best for use in locations such as banks, jewelry stores, retail establishments or any situation that requires hold-up notification. This hold up button is hardwired to a security panel like a safewatchpro 3000.

The Strobe Light is the lowest current consumption, weather-proof strobe in its class. It operates on 12V DC and also draws a low 115mA. It is made of high impact-resistant thermoplastic to stand up to abuse. Additionally, the Strobe Light has 60,000 candle power and also has an operating life in excess of 200 hours of continuous operation.

The Seco Alarm Strobe light is ideal for informative general signaling requirements. Additionally, it has a low current consumption with a long operating lifespan of over 300 continuous hours. You can also install it easily since it has a 2-wire installation. The Seco Alarm Strobe Light also comes with a protective inner cover.  This protects the high-voltage xenon tube when you remove the colored lens.

The High Power Siren Strobe is a loud 120dB warble tone siren in vandal and weather resistant polycarbonate housing that has a bright strobe light on the top. The high intensity strobe synchronizes to the siren. It has a sturdy aluminum back plate and tamper switch. You can also get this siren without the strobe here.

The Flush Mount Single Gang Siren is a high output siren that emits 105 decibels. It also has a low 65mA current draw, making it easy to power.  You can use this siren for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can easily install this siren with the single gang flush mount. If this siren isn't what you need, check out our other sirens.