The Vista 32 Burg and Fire Panel provides the ultimate protection for life and property. This commercial fire and burglary control panel supports up to two partitions and also up to 32 zones/points using hardwired, wireless, and V-Plex® addressable technologies. A diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, notification appliances, communication devices, keypads, RF receivers, and relays also satisfy a wide range of installation requirements. In addition, this panel control is suitable for fire-only applications, as well as for installations requiring integrated fire/burglary systems. As a result, it's the perfect solution for medical and professional office buildings, churches and synagogues, banks, schools, strip malls, and factory or warehouse environments.

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued. You can check out this Lynx Plus LTE Cell Radio that offers a cellular 4G LTE alarm communicator, designed for use with the Lynx Plus L3000 wireless control panel. The new Lynx Plus ADT CDMA Verizon Cell Radio takes your Honeywell Lynx Plus communications to a whole new level. Now you have a choice! You can either use the current communicator if a GSM network is more prevalent in your area or, if that's not the case, you can use the new Lynx Plus ADT CDMA Verizon Cell Radio if CDMA networks are more prevalent. The Lynx Plus ADT CDMA Verizon Cell Radio uses Verizon's 1xRTT technology. This technology has a multi-channel system for making data transfer more smooth and efficient. This communicator is powered directly off of the Lynx Plus panel and features an antenna that is internal and within the Lynx Plus chassis which will minimize security risks. This will send alarm signals in Contact ID to a central station.

The DSC NEO 32 Zone Panel is a feature-rich, scalable alarm system designed for residential and light commercial use. The zone panel supports both hardwired and wireless devices, Additionally, this panel supports up to 32 wireless and hardwired zones, and it can connect up to 8 keypads. This panel is also compatible with DSC Power series Neo. Please check out our YouTube Channel for more information.

Honeywell’s CDMA-ready cellular communicator is now available using the Verizon network!  The Lyric CDMA Verizon Cell Radio has outstanding coverage throughout the country and does exceptionally well in remote areas. Additionally, this radio is great for those who have unreliable or unavailable internet and phone connections. Upon activation, this radio will be set up on the Verizon network and registered with Honeywell’s Alarmnet server. With the radio registered and activated, self monitoring  is then available through Total Connect 2.0, or central station monitoring.

The Lyric Siren is a wireless siren designed for the Lyric controller.  This is the first wireless siren by Honeywell that offers chiming capabilities, LED confirmation, volume adjustment and it is fully battery powered.  This device will communicating using the new wireless protocol which uses 24.GHz frequency and endeavors to provide more reliable connectivity, longer range, and battery and RF signal level readings on the panel and remotely on Alarmnet.

Honeywell’s new Lyric Keyfob is a 4 button, bi-directional, wireless keyfob. It offers confirmation when signals are received at the panel via the LED lights and built-in sounder. Using a Lyric keyfob is a great way to wirelessly control your alarm system, bypassing the need to key in a user code on the keypad.  Eight commands can be programmed on this four-button device using your auto-enroll on your Lyric controller, just like a sensor.

The Lyric Motion Detector is a wireless passive infrared motion sensor. This motion detector will only be active when the system is armed to help significantly extends the battery life. The Lyric Motion Detector is part of the SIX series protocol, Honeywell’s encrypted wireless protocol for secure communication to the Lyric Controller. Once you've enrolled it with your Lyric Controller, it won't work on any other system until you remove it from the original controller. That's a nice perk of the new protocol.

Honeywell introduces the Lyric Door Window Sensor, the first fully encrypted, bi-directional wireless door/window contact.  This sensor works with the Lyric Controller, using the SIX series sensors that transmit via 24.GHZ WIFI signal and offer AES encryption against RF jamming and hacking for increased protection.  It also offers up to 300 feet of wireless range back to the Lyric control panel, versus the traditional sensors of 200 nominal feet.