11 Reasons Everyone Should have an ADT Home Security System

11 Reasons Everyone Should have an ADT Home Security System

11 Reasons Everyone Should have an ADT Home Security System

11 Reasons Everyone Should have an ADT Home Security System

Many people think they don’t need a security system or they put off getting one for one reason or another. So here’s a list of 11 reasons why everyone should have an ADT Home Security System.

1. Detect carbon monoxide

 Carbon monoxide is a deadly thing that can’t be seen, smelled, heard or touched. It loves enclosed areas with no ventilation along with states that don’t require monitoring of the gas. When you inhale the chemical, oxygen then has a harder time getting to the brain and heart. Oxygenated blood then slows down, causing heart troubles, especially in those already susceptible to heart problems. Death can result.

But ADT home alarms can detect the deadly gas. The monitoring station then alerts the pertinent rescue personnel as well as the homeowner to its presence and the homeowners’ rescue.

2. Reduce your odds

You can dramatically reduce the chances of a break-in with the ADT system. Keeping intruders on the straight and narrow way can be attributed to home intruder systems. Studies of police records show that neighborhoods with alarm signs posted in their yards and windows have kept the area from being plundered.

And even if homes with security systems are entered, little is taken. Intruders know the cops are on the way, so they snatch something and vamoose. Still, most intruders case a house with no such warning signs. For most potential intruders, an alarm system just isn’t worth dealing with. 

3. Protect senior homeowners

Many senior homeowners who are aging in place feel more secure with such a system installed. Medical monitoring is very important to a senior whose balance is not what it was. Many seniors suffer arthritis and osteoporosis, which inhibits their ability to turn off or unplug something that could cause a fire. While this isn’t an emergency requiring rescue help, the fire would be. Additionally, ADT’s monitoring services keep an extra tight eye on seniors known to have health problems requiring immediate help. When summoned, the monitoring service sends the proper emergency services as well as keeping the senior calm until their arrival.

4. Get your money’s worth

“Value” is a very popular keyword these days. Homeowners know insurance companies give discounts for a home having intruder alarms. Homeowners also know buyers would be more interested in a home with such an alarm system. However, most homeowners aren’t aware that they can deduct the cost of the alarm system from their taxes if they use a portion of the home as a business. Here is what the IRS has to say about the deduction.

5. Protect your children

Nothing is more important to a homeowner than his or her children. According to most homeowners, intruders can take anything they want as long as the children are unharmed.

Almost every home security company has mobile apps for homeowners to check that the kids got off the school bus and into the house safely. The app may tell the homeowner the front door is locked behind them and the system re-armed. The app can also shadow the kids through the kitchen (getting a snack) to the laundry room or their bedrooms (doing chores) and finally to the kitchen table (doing homework). Homeowners feel secure, knowing the kids are safe and productively at work. ADT would like to say, “you’re welcome”.

6. Get fire monitoring

There are approximately 369,500 reported home fires a year. With around 2755 deaths and $6.8 billion dollars in loss as a result (source). These numbers could be altered drastically if every home in the US had a monitored smoke and heat detector. Monitored fire systems are required for most businesses and retail stores. Why would you not have it in your home also? The detectors are usually better quality and the monthly monitoring rates don’t increase when you add this part to your security system.

7. Have Smart Home control and automation

Here is the cool technology aspect and also the modern conveniences of being able to do so many things now without thinking about them. You can do things like turn your alarm system on and off automatically, your porch lights on/off automatically, lock your doors when you arm your alarm system, lower the temperature on the thermostat when you arm your alarm system, and more. The list goes on and on and there are so many conveniences. Close your garage door from your smart phone! Turn off lights your kids left on from your tablet. I think you get the idea right? The service is called ADT Pulse, which gives your security system these abilities.

8. Get Flood Monitoring

Find out immediately if there is water in your home with a monitored water sensor. Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the US. From 2010 to 2014, the average flood claim was around $42,000. (source) And most people don’t have complete flood insurance. They also don’t realize that you can add a little flood sensor to any alarm system and add that to the monitoring at no additional monthly cost. You only need to buy the little part.

9. Have Low Temperature Monitoring

Some of the flooding damage that occurs is the result of the low temperatures in the winter. As the water in the pipes freezes, it can expand and burst your pipes or fittings. You can either add a temperature sensor to your alarm system or install a smart thermostat that can send you text alerts if the temperature drops too low. You’ll want to keep the home around 65 degrees to be safe since some outside walls might be much colder than the temperature in the middle of your home.

10. Record Footage with Video Cameras.

More and more people are installing cameras on their home these days. And the quality keeps getting better. There’s less crime when people know that there are cameras recording. It’s also very convenient to check on kids, packages, etc. You can even use the cameras and security system as a babysitter if you’re away for a short period.

11. See who’s at your front door

With video doorbells, you can talk live with the person at your front door through your smartphone.  The age of video doorbells is here. There are battery powered ones and wired ones, and they come in almost every color. You can see and talk with who is at your door from anywhere(wifi is necessary). Some of these can be integrated with your alarm system so you can disarm the alarm and unlock the door from the same app while you are looking and talking to the person.

These are 11 reasons why everyone should have an ADT Security system today. Pretty convincing right? Please share it with a friend or relative, and they will have you to thank when they are feeling safe and secure.  Contact us to learn more.

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