This is an ADT exterior siren that is hardwired and made by GE .  It is plenty loud at 85dB, but there are louder exterior sirens. The advantage with this little exterior siren is the price, size, and the amount of power it uses. It can be added to most systems without needing additional power since it only uses 190mA.

The ADT Tilt Sensor is designed to mount vertically on surfaces that tilt horizontally when opened — providing an easy way to secure garage doors or basement tilt windows. Anytime the sensor detects tilt movement, a notification transmits to the control panel. The sensor programs as a monitored or notification only zone. It also includes cover tamper and battery supervision.

The ADT Micra Recessed Window Sensor  is the wireless window sensor you need. Honeywell’s Micra recessed transmitter is a reed switch magnet contact transmitter that also provides concealed protection for a window. Additionally, it's so small that it virtually disappears once installed. It also has features including the cleanest, fastest installations, a battery life of up to 10 years, and exceptional range. So, you’ll want to use it where aesthetics and discretion are critical.

Zions Security Alarms is the Least Expensive Way to get ADT Home Security in ADT Park City Utah.  Most Park City homes also have flood, fire, and temperature monitoring It is very inexpensive to get ADT Park City and easy to add some additional protection...

You can add this Phone Tech Support to Help Program New Devices to your shopping cart if you need help programming a new part into your system. Usually, we are able to help you over the phone. This saves you the cost of having a technician come out to your home or business. Most service calls are over $400, but you can pay only $150 for an experienced technician to help you add the part you need or solve another issue.

The Temperature Probe for Freezer and Refrigerator Monitoring is for when you want to get the temperature inside of a refrigerator or freezer. The Wireless Temperature Sensor would stay on the outside while the probe would go inside. You can use it in freezers in restaurants, kitchens, floral shops, laboratories, wine cellars, butchers, and more. Basically, you can use it anywhere you know temperatures should stay within range so the inventory doesn't go bad. You can also use it with the dual temperature monitor, which is hardwired. Additionally, you can use the temperature probe with hardwired or wireless applications.