The Speaker in Stainless Enclosure is a rugged, 30 Watt, 8 Ohm speaker mounted in a tamper and corrosion resistant enclosure. It also features two sealed reed tamper switches, one on the back plate and one on the front cover. Additionally, the stainless steel naturally reflects the mounting surface and also blends easily with any residential or commercial building. This siren is also compatible with all hardwired panels, including Vista and DSC.

Armored Siren is a durable indoor/outdoor self-contained siren. The full featured siren consists of a single tone that delivers a warble sound output, 120dB output siren driver, and a dual action reed plunger for cover and rear protection. Armored Siren is provided with a strong polycarbonate housing and a sturdy aluminum back plate to prevent warping and cracking.

The Mini Siren has a miniature piezo audio annunciator suitable for a wide variety of applications, including Vista panel mounting. It has a low current draw and a wide operating voltage range. Add some sound with Mini Siren! This Mini Siren may be used whenever an attention-getting audible warning is needed. The siren is perfect for security systems, over and under-limit indicators and power failure alerts.

Why put your security at risk? Honeywell knows it’s critical that your alarm signals get through. Our versatile High Security GSM Communicators meet the strict requirements of high security and UL line security applications, provide a 200-second communication path to meet response demands and are ideal for banks, also jewelry stores, and government agencies and other high-risk facilities.

The Skybell HD Bronze is a more or less a high tech, upgraded version of the peephole. The peephole is a brilliant low-tech invention that lets you see who’s at your front door without having to open it. But it requires you to put your eye right up to the hole. This puts you in very close proximity to the person on the other side. Skybell had a better idea: A device that replaces your doorbell with a Wi-Fi camera and intercom. Now you use your smartphone to see—and talk to—the person on the other side of the door. This device is compatible with Honeywell Total Connect. 4G System Enhancement Module Cellular Communicator (SEM) is the most cost effective and comprehensive solution to migrate compatible Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P, and VISTA-20P (Safewatch 3000) panels to’s award-winning interactive services. Supporting the 4GLTE cellular network, the SEM ensures the longest life-cycle with the most secure and reliable service. They also make one that is compatible with DSC Powerseries panels like the 1864 or Premise Pro. System Enhancement Module with CDMA Cellular Communicator is the best cellular communicator and comprehensive solution to migrate compatible Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista 20P and VISTA-15P panels to’s award-winning interactive services. Web features from include viewing system and sensor status/history, arming and disarming the system, setting up and managing user codes, and creating customized e-mail and text message notifications for any type of alarm or non-alarm activity at the property. Stream Video Recorder 2TB designed specifically to work with the hosted video service, it provides a 24x7 gapless, professional surveillance solution. With the Stream Video Recorder, you can connect up to 4 video cameras for continuous recording. A recording schedule is saved on the customer site which tells the camera to send a constant stream of video for the SVR to record. Additionally, this traffic is maintained by the customer’s router. Unfortunately, this product is Out of Stock, But you can also check out this Pro Series CSVR.