This product is no longer available. Check out our Honeywell Compatible Wireless Tilt Sensor. The DSC Compatible Tilt Sensor detects when it moves past a 45 degree tilt and works for use as a garage door / overhead door sensor or to warn when equipment has been moved. It installs vertically in the non alarm position. The DSC Compatible Tilt Sensor is compatible with DSC alarm systems, with long range performance and long battery life.  

The Universal Translator can be configured as a wireless repeater for RF protocols like Honeywell, GE, 2GIG, or DSC. You can also use it to translate incoming signals from one protocol into a different RF frequency. It's also known as a wireless-to-wireless universal translator. Dials on the physical product allow the user to define what signals the device listens for and what type of signal it then repeats. It can also receive signals from Honeywell, DSC, GE Interlogix, and 2GIG. Then converts those wireless signals in to one of the same options.

The DSC Impassa Cellular Kit with is a great panel with push buttons, the latest design, and is easy to program. It can handle more zones than the Honeywell Lynx Plus and it also can connect with interactive which makes it a pretty awesome option. So with this kit, you've got a great backbone to get your security started. But if this isn't quite what you're looking for, please take a look at our other security kits.

The ADT Hold Up Button Stainless Steel was designed for silent operation.  It's also available in a stainless steel cover like this one, or a plastic case, and even wireless versions. They mount quickly and easily in discreet locations. The ADT Hold Up Buttons work best for use in locations such as banks, jewelry stores, retail establishments or any situation that requires hold-up notification. This hold up button is hardwired to a security panel like a safewatchpro 3000.