When your installation requirements call for additional relay outputs, the Hardwired Relay Module is your answer. In addition, the Intelligent Relay Board adds relays which connect to the Control/ Communicator as a result of the control's console wiring. Furthermore, the relay outputs programs by the appropriate control for a variety of functions. Additionally ideal for applications that require additional sounding devices, strobe lights or other devices that need or desire to be controlled by the control panel.

Zone Expander with Relay adds up to eight end-of-line resistor supervised zones and two dry form C (SPDT) relay outputs to compatible control communicators as a result of the control’s keypad wiring. The module is mountable within the control’s cabinet (if room permits), or remotely. If mounted remotely, there are provisions to tamper-protect the unit.

The Lyric Smoke Detector is easier to install, featuring a battery pull-tab auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors. It's also easier to maintain. In addition, the System Health Check features lets you monitor device signal strength, sensor settings, temperature and battery life anytime, anywhere as a result of AlarmNet 360, letting you quickly and proactively troubleshoot. The device is also protected by 128-bit AES encryption, which makes it almost impossible for hackers to take over. When activated, it will send a command to the system to perform the Response Type for that wireless zone.

Lyric Mini Door Window Sensor supports systems of Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology, these devices deliver significant advantages. Including faster installation, easier troubleshooting, remote diagnostics and increased RMR. In addition, the suite of next-generation devices includes motion, smoke as well as glass break detectors, a door/window sensor, two-way wireless key and siren. Also features a battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors. Furthermore, devices can also be configured remotely as needed, reducing the need to schedule on-site visits.

The Qolsys Encrypted Mini Door Window Sensor is an ultra-compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the Qolsys Panel 4. It features proprietary S-Line encryption technology that is more secure than most other wireless security sensors. By encrypting signals sent to the IQ Panel, it prevents jamming and hacking the RF signal. These sensors are very easy to install on anything that opens or closes, like doors, windows, cabinets, freezers, or gun safes. It can provide intelligent notifications, including "door left open" custom named, as well as support smart home rules. Rules include "when door opens, turn on light" as well as "when door left open adjust the thermostat to save energy."

The Outdoor Siren 120dB is a high output self-contained siren system. You can also get this siren with a strobe here. It is a very loud 120dB warble tone siren that is vandal and weather resistant. It is also made with polycarbonate with a sturdy aluminum back plate and a tamper switch.