ADT adds Energy Monitoring to ADT Pulse

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ADT adds Energy Monitoring to ADT Pulse

ADT adds Energy Monitoring to ADT Pulse

I noticed something new today when I went to my ADT Pulse portal.  When I go to add a light switch or lamp module there are two new items that can be added. (see image below – they are underlined)

energy monitoringThere have not been any announcements yet when ADT will be releasing this ability for consumers, but it appears they are beta testing it now since it is on the drop down.  The new lamp and appliance module that is listed here is not available to sell to the public yet either.

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What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy Monitoring is the ability to keep track of how much energy you are using for a specific light or appliance. If you know the energy consumption and how much you are paying for the energy you can caluclate how much you are spending to run a certain lamp, appliance, computer, etc… Energy monitoring popularity is on the rise with many people wanting to go green, save energy, and spend less on energy. We can expect energy monitoring to be a really big feature in the next year or two. Eventually people will be able to see real time the amount of money they are spending on energy so they can adjust their usage real time.  Once this becomes pretty popular, there could be some rebates from the utility companies and the local or federal government to offset the costs. Currently there are options for energy monitoring offered by other companies that are much more expensive. (that is why they have not caught on yet)

What do I think these modules will cost when ADT releases them?

I would guess that they will be around $75-$100 each. Right now you can buy the normal lamp or appliance modules from us for only $59. They will also be just as easy to install.

Stay tuned. I will add updated on this blog as I hear more.

How can ADT Pulse help me save on high Energy costs now?

Currently you can buy light switches and lamp modules that can be controlled by ADT Pulse. The more of these you have the better since you can turn off lights if you catch one left on during the day. You can also set up automations so that when you arm in the away mode it turns lights off that are always left on. You can also set up schedules so that lights come on automatically and off automatically every day. This helps reduce the odds of lights being left on when not needed. (like porch lights on during the day)

You can also purcahase an ADT Pulse Thermostat. These are very helpful in making sure you are not heating or cooling an empty home to the same temperature as if you were home. You can set up an automation to automatically change the temperature when you arm the system in the Away mode.

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