This Product is no longer available. This ADT Pulse Indoor HD Camera RC8326 is compatible and a great replacement. This was the standard definition wireless indoor camera that ADT offers for ADT Pulse. But it has been replaced with the new HD RC8326 Camera. Furthermore, you can have up to 10 cameras total. Therefore, you are able to add quite a few of these for added security and control. Originally it was replaced with the HD 720P version of this camera the RC8325, but that has also been replaced with the RC8326.

ADT announced many new enhancements to their ADT Pulse platform today at CES. The Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Las Vegas this week. Many companies like Samsung and LG are unveiling new TVs and cell phones among many other new electronic gadgets.  ADT had...

This ADT Pulse In-Wall On/Off Duplex Receptacle 45605 ZW1001 Z-Wave is the GE outlet (duplex receptacle) that can be controlled by your ADT Pulse system. With this outlet, you can power all of your needed equipment. The device plugged into the 45605 Z-Wave controlled outlet on this module must not exceed 600 watts (15 Amps). You should also not use this outlet with medical or life support equipment. If this isn't what you're looking for, please take a look at our additional ADT Pulse Equipment.