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The Alula Connect + Panel is a panel that delivers interactive security and also home automation services from a customer’s mobile device.  It can be installed easily by almost anyone, and it can be controlled from a smart phone or a keypad. Unlike a hybrid panel, there's no need to pull wires for peripheral devices or other sensors. This panel also eliminates the need to compete for entrance wall space near a power outlet. So it can be installed in an office, entertainment center, or even a closet. This reduces installation costs while also providing the benefits of locating the panel in a discreet, secure location.

The new Vista 128 Fire and Burglary Panel provides the ultimate protection of life and property. This UL Listed commercial fire and burglary control panel supports up to eight partitions. It also supports up to 128 zones/points using hardwired, wireless and V-Plex® addressable technologies. This panel also supports diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, notification circuits, communication devices, keypads, and RF receivers and relays. Additionally, this panel has also been designed to mount quickly and easily in an attack resistant cabinet.  It's also available in 12V and 24V models.

If you have an ADT Security System and you get a low battery notification on your keypad you will want to purchase a new battery and replace it yourself. It is super easy and we carry all the ADT Batteries you will need. If you do...

Vista 128BP is a powerful member of the Honeywell family of commercial alarm panels, integrating burglary, CCTV, and access control functions. In addition, many features are available that extend the applications of the Vista 128BP while simplifying end-user operation. Additionally, this panel is listed for residential burglary, residential fire, and commercial burglary applications.  It's also compatible with a wide range of AlarmNet communications products for alarm reporting, uploading /downloading, and remote services. But if this isn't the panel you're wanting, make sure to take a look at our other panels.

The Vista 32 Burg and Fire Panel provides the ultimate protection for life and property. This commercial fire and burglary control panel supports up to two partitions and also up to 32 zones/points using hardwired, wireless, and V-Plex® addressable technologies. A diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, notification appliances, communication devices, keypads, RF receivers, and relays also satisfy a wide range of installation requirements. In addition, this panel control is suitable for fire-only applications, as well as for installations requiring integrated fire/burglary systems. As a result, it's the perfect solution for medical and professional office buildings, churches and synagogues, banks, schools, strip malls, and factory or warehouse environments.