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The Qolsys Hardwire Large Enclosure lets you take over old wired sensors in a clean, orderly fashion. This Enclosure is also very useful if you are pre-wiring a house. This cost-effective way of integrating hardwired security with your Qolsys IQ Panel 2.

The Kidde Zone Interface Module with Rotary works with the Kidde Intelligent and Conventional Fire Alarm Panel and adds even more capacity to FX installations by adding up to 16 conventional device circuits and two additional Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs). Additionally, this makes them an ideal retrofit solution that can also accommodate new intelligent detectors as well as existing conventional devices. Furthermore, it Provides everything for early detection and warning of heat, smoke and fire in a complete fire alarm system. With the conveyance of single-source code compatibility and compliance.

The Kidde Conventional Fire Alarm Panel consist of 5 and 10 zone fire alarm control panels (FACP), an optional integrated upload/download DACT (dialer), intelligent/analog type detector features, serial annunciator modules, and serial remote relay modules. All FACPs and components are Listed to the 9th edition of the ANSI/UL 864 standard and CSFM/FDNY approved.

The Alula Connect + Panel is a panel that delivers interactive security and also home automation services from a customer’s mobile device.  It can be installed easily by almost anyone, and it can be controlled from a smart phone or a keypad. Unlike a hybrid panel, there's no need to pull wires for peripheral devices or other sensors. This panel also eliminates the need to compete for entrance wall space near a power outlet. So it can be installed in an office, entertainment center, or even a closet. This reduces installation costs while also providing the benefits of locating the panel in a discreet, secure location.