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The ADT Hardwired Smoke Detector is a i3-Series conventional, two-wire, photoelectric smoke detector. You can add this detector to most existing alarm system control panels. in addition, installation is a breeze. It incorporates a plug-in design, but without the typical added costs of a plug-in detector. Additionally, this detector has instant inspection. Since it features both red and green LEDs, local status indication is more intuitive during power up, standby, alarm, test, and freeze trouble conditions. And should the detector fall out of sensitivity, the red LED will blink every five seconds. There is also no need to count LEDs. With the i3 indicators, you instantly know the smoke detector's condition.

The ADT Wireless Smoke Detector is a detector that's compatible with Safewatch Pro 3000, Quickconnect Panels, and now TS Panels. You may have smoke detectors in your home already, but you can't connect them to ADT's monitoring stations. Did you know that over 80% of fire deaths occur in the home? By adding this detector to your home, help can be notified automatically in the event of a fire.

The ADT Command Smoke-CO Detector Works as a detector for Smoke, Heat, as well as CO detection with your system. This detector features voice notification of event types such as English, Spanish, or French. Furthermore, it has a built in siren with an LED ring which shows the event type. In addition, using four sensing elements, the Combination Detector provides true multi-threat detection and reacts fast to real danger—while helping to reduce false alarms. Also, a photo-electric chamber senses airborne smoke particulates while an electro-chemical sensor monitors the CO bi-product produced by slow smoldering fires. Compatible with all ADT Command Systems.

The Helix Smoke & Heat Detector is a highly reliable smoke detector with a photoelectric detection element and built-in, temporal 3 sounder. It also includes a heat alarm that detects up to 144 degrees. The Smoke Detector is 2GIG compatible. In addition, you can find our other helix products here. But if this isn't quite what you're looking for, please take a look at our other smoke detectors.

Wireless Interlogix Smoke Heat Freeze Detector features wireless connectivity, a 10-year sealed battery, and sensor life, a built-in sounder. Furthermore includes a diagnostic/status LED, integrated fixed-temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensor, as well as a separate enrollment pre-freeze condition sensor.

The ADT 4 Wire Smoke Heat Detector  is a detector that gives you the best of both worlds. This detector has a sensor built in to detect both smoke and heat, giving you double the protection. Additionally, it has a removable smoke chamber that makes it easy to maintain.  Its low profile design also ensures that this device will not be an eyesore in your home. But if this detector isn't what you're looking for, please also check out our other smoke detectors. Note: This product only includes one detector.