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The Qolsys Pre-Wired Fire Module offers a cost effective way of integrating hardwired security & smoke detector zones with the IQ Panel 2/2+. Whereas the standard Qolsys 16 Zone Takeover Module doesn't support fire zones. In addition, it includes backup battery charging, 500mA of 12volt auxiliary power, an on-board siren relay, built-in status LED's for each zone as well as support for up to 10 two-wire smoke detectors. Furthermore, normally Open and Normally Closed contacts are supported as well as powered zones like motion sensors and glass break detectors.

The 4 Zone Fire Control Panel is a four zone conventional fire alarm control panel. It's compatible with the new I3 smoke detectors from System Sensor. Additionally, it provides such advanced features as drift compensation, maintenance alert, and freeze warning. Automatic synchronization of audio/visual devices is provided. In addition, it uses manufacturer protocol for System Sensor and Wheelock as well as Gentex appliances. The NAC protocol also includes the ability to silence audible devices while strobes continue to flash, using only a single pair of wires. But if this isn't what you're looking for, view our other fire panels here.

The GE Concord Wireless Kit 4 is truly a full-featured wired and wireless hybrid security system for intrusion and fire detection (8 Hardwire zones & 96 Wireless zones). It's also simple to use. Additionally, Concord's modular design as well as advanced software provide outstanding system flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any residential or commercial security application. Furthermore, the panel also comes standard with eight hardwire zone inputs, including a 2-wire smoke detector loop that can handle up to 20 detectors. Finally, a built-in RF receiver with 96-zone capacity provides instant compatibility with the complete line of GE Interlogix Security Learn Mode sensors.

The FireAvert 220V Stove Fire Shutoff helps protect your home from the leading cause of stove fires by automatically disconnecting power to your range or stove in the event that fire or smoke are detected. This device activates in response to the audible signal of an existing smoke detector-a patented synching feature synchs to the sound signature on your specific smoke detector. This ensures maximum reliability and minimizes false alarms.

The Kidde Zone Interface Module with Rotary works with the Kidde Intelligent and Conventional Fire Alarm Panel and adds even more capacity to FX installations by adding up to 16 conventional device circuits and two additional Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs). Additionally, this makes them an ideal retrofit solution that can also accommodate new intelligent detectors as well as existing conventional devices. Furthermore, it Provides everything for early detection and warning of heat, smoke and fire in a complete fire alarm system. With the conveyance of single-source code compatibility and compliance.

The Kidde Conventional Fire Alarm Panel consist of 5 and 10 zone fire alarm control panels (FACP), an optional integrated upload/download DACT (dialer), intelligent/analog type detector features, serial annunciator modules, and serial remote relay modules. All FACPs and components are Listed to the 9th edition of the ANSI/UL 864 standard and CSFM/FDNY approved.