This is the ADT Pulse 5-port Switch. This is needed if more than one analog camera is to be connected to the ADT Pulse iHub. It is made by Netgear. It can have 4 of the encoders hooked up to it.  Then you can hook it into the devices port on the iHub. You may need up to three of these depending on how many ADT Pulse Analog Cameras you have. As shown below if you have more than 4 cameras you will need two of these. Furthermore, if you have more than 7 analog cameras you would need 3 of these.

This is the WN2RPADT WIFI Range Extender that maybe needed if your wireless ADT Pulse cameras or your WIFI ADT Pulse Keypads are too far from the iHub. Recommended when cameras are 50-75 feet from iHub.  You can only enroll one of these per ADT Pulse system. This product is Discontinued, but if you're looking for more options for your network connection, you can also check out this ADT Pulse Wifi Range Extender WN3000RPH.

The second generation ADT Pulse touchscreen keypad. Discontinued and replaced with the HD Color Touchscreen Keypad HSS301. It is black and works off WI-FI just like the GE one. You can control the alarm system, lighting, thermostats, and cameras all from one keypad. (assuming you have ADT Pulse light switches, thermostats, and cameras of course) If you have a deadbolt you can control that as well.

This product is no longer available. You can check out this ADT Command Secondary Color Touchscreen Keypad for replacement. This is the first touchscreen that ADT had made when they released ADT Pulse in 2011. It has been discontinued and replaced withe the HSS301. This is the black (IS-TS-0700-B) ADT Pulse Touchscreen Keypad made by GE. It is a WiFi color touchscreen that can control the alarm system and any of the ADT Pulse devices. You can also see the ADT Pulse Cameras on it. The best part of having this keypad is that you can control the ADT Pulse system and all of its components without needing to log in with a username and password like you do on a smartphone or tablet.

This ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module 45603WB is the old version of the Lamp Module that is for on/off functions for lighting or appliances. It has been replaced by the new version the 45703 ADT Lamp Module. It is made for indoor use only but there is an outdoor one you can also get. These work great with all kinds of light bulbs. (Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED)