This product is no longer available. We recommend the ADT Command Thermostat. This RCS Battery-Powered Thermostat TBZ48 can be used with the ADT Pulse system to change the temperature in your home from the internet or your smartphone. It needs to replace the existing thermostat you have in the home and then be tied into the ADT Pulse system. It can either use battery power or be connected to an AC adapter or get power from your HVAC system. You must have the option on your ADT Pulse portal to add this thermostat. Make sure you have that before purchasing.

This is the ADT Pulse Deadbolt made by Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt Model 99100. It is also the most basic and inexpensive ADT Pulse Deadbolt. With Z-Wave and ADT Pulse Compatibility the Smartcode Deadbolt Model 99100, will fit in great with almost any system. Kwikset also makes other deadbolts that are superior to this original model.  Newer models are also quieter, smaller, and more secure. See the list of approved ADT Devices to learn more or see below.

This is the ADT Pulse In-Wall Dimmer Switch 45612WB that you would replace your light switch with if you want dimming ability. It's also useful if you don't have florescent light bulbs.  This switch is pretty awesome because you can have lights dimmed to any level in a room from your light switch. You can also control it from your ADT Pulse portal. It has been replaced with the newer version ADT Pulse Dimmer 45712 and it does not come with the cover plate (which can be purchased at any hardware store if you do not have one). If you purchase this, you will just be shipped the new version the 45712.

The ADT Pulse Light Switch Jasco In-Wall On/Off Switch 45609WB is an ADT Pulse light switch you can install in your wall. It takes the place of a light switch you already have. You need to hire an electrician to install this. Or you should at least have a good understanding of how to work on an electrical system. It also needs a neutral added. The newer version of this light switch the 45709 and the 45609 is the older model and has been discontinued. If you order this you will get the 45709.