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ADT releases new security system platform ADT Command

ADT Command Security System

ADT releases new security system platform ADT Command

ADT Command Security System

At CES 2019, ADT announced its new security system platform called ADT Command. Around early February ADT started installing the new system instead of ADT Pulse.

ADT has been using ADT Pulse as its platform for the last 6 or more years. The ADT Pulse platform has several compatible alarm systems which are mainly the Safewatch Pro 3000/Vista 20P, Quick Connect/Lynx Plus, Lynx Touch, Impassa, and TSSC System.

The new ADT Command platform with have one system and one app to simplify and improve the customer experience and support from ADT.

What will happen to ADT Pulse?

Since ADT has a few million ADT Pulse customers currently, ADT Pulse will not go away, but new customers going forward will eventually not have ADT Pulse as an option anymore. ADT will continue to support its current ADT Pulse customer base even though some parts will be discontinued like their color touchscreen keypad and wall mount.

New ADT Command features

The new ADT Command system has features similar to the Qolsys Panel 2 and Lyric Systems, but is proprietary to ADT. It also, for the first time, has a 7″ color touchscreen keypad built into the all-in-one system along with z-wave automation, bluetooth, and a panel camera. It will also use the backbone instead of an alarmnet or icontrol infrastructure that has been used historically. One of the features that is different than any other security panel on the market is the ability to use the keypad as an Amazon Echo to talk to Alexa.

The new system will have some of these features that ADT Pulse has been lacking:

  • 7″ touchscreen all-in-one
  • Z-wave plus
  • Panel Camera
  • Bluetooth disarming when user is close to keypad (limited initially but future updates will make this more available)
  • LTE Cellular Radio with easy to swap access
  • Encrypted alarm sensors for added security and increased wireless range 2.5x further
  • Built in how to videos
  • Dual Path Communication for easier updating new firmware (Cell required, Wi-Fi optional)
  • Ability to add more than 10 wifi cameras
  • 3 partitions
  • Residential or Commercial use (commercial use still yet to be released)
  • 128 Wireless security zones
  • 232 Z-wave devices (but a max of 5 thermostats and door locks)
  • 8 Secondary Keypads
  • 8 Motion Viewers (eventually after future updates)
  • 32 keyfobs – 8 Functions on one zone
  • 96 Users
  • Hybrid Version that has 200mA aux output, ethernet port, 8 hardwires zones, 2-wire smokes in zone 1, 600mA siren Output up to 2Amp, 2 trigger outputs 100mA each, and a plastic housing.
  • Multi language support – English, Spanish, French
  • Onscreen control of Z-wave Smart Home Devices
  • 2-Way voice over cell
  • Crash and Smash feature
  • Imbedded Amazon Alexa Service
  • Disarm snapshots can be sent to users phone (available in the future updates)
  • See video on Apple Watch
  • Video Package includes ability to have 8 cameras and 6000 clips before additional upgrades are needed
  • Indoor Wireless Siren that can do chime like the keypad and show arm/disarm light
  • Outdoor Wireless Siren coming in May

It is compatible with older z-wave and wireless security sensors, though it needs a module to translate.

The ADT Command is the second system that ADT has designed and engineered in the last several years with the ADT TSSC System being the first. This time it will launch an entirely new platform and app and start the sunset for ADT Pulse which will happen in the next 6-9 months. Similar to the ADT TSSC System it can only

ADT Pulse has been the most popular option with ADT since 2012 when it first launched.

The new app will be called ADT Control.

Below are three keypads for the new system. The first is the wired keypad that is only for the Hybrid version, the second two are for either system. (all wireless or the hybrid) But the most popular keypad will be the all in one version that is shown in the image above on the wall. For Frequently asked questions click here. 

ADT Command additional Keypads


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