Tips to install an ADT Pulse TZ45 Thermostat

adt pulse thermostat

Tips to install an ADT Pulse TZ45 Thermostat

I replaced my thermostat with the ADT Pulse TZ45 thermostat and learned a few things inadt pulse thermostat the process that you may want to know.

First of all, if you don’t have a digital thermostat already, you will probably need additional wires. I only had 4 wires when I took off my old thermostat. (They were R, G, Y, and W. But no C.) I was able to run a 5th wire back to the furnace circuit board and get the C. Most people will not be able to do this, and they will need to add a separate transformer. As long as you have a plug somewhere close, it should not be that difficult.

There is a battery powered version of this keypad that has replaced the TZ45, and it’s called the ADT Pulse Battery powered thermostat TBZ48. But you can still wire it if you don’t want to rely on batteries.

Another thing I learned when I installed mine is that it needs to be learned in to the iHub at a close range. Mine would not learn in at the distance where I have it installed, but when I brought it within 10 feet of the iHub, it learned in like a champ.

Do you have any insight you would want to add to this? Please leave a comment.

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