What Smart Home Devices are Compatible with ADT Command?

ADT Command Control Kit With Doorbell Thermostat And Lock

What Smart Home Devices are Compatible with ADT Command?

What Smart Home Devices are Compatible with ADT Command?

What Smart Home Devices are Compatible with ADT Command? Make your home a smart home – the smartest home is a home that connects automation and security. Like ADT’s previous system ADT Pulse, ADT Command uses Z-Wave technology to connect and add smart home devices which incorporate automation into your home. We made this blog post to help you know which devices work with ADT Command while understanding how it works.

How it works:

The ADT Command Panel has a built in z-wave wifi module installed within the panel which communicates to other z-wave devices. It also uses this module to communicate with the ADT Command Secondary Color Touchscreen Keypad.

Remote Support: Once your devices are connected, all devices can be controlled, monitored, and adjusted through your ADT Control App. In order to activate this, you will need an ADT Monitoring package which is about $53-$64 per month.

How Do I Add Smart Devices to My System?

For monitored devices and for automation devices, the installer has to put the system into learn mode in order to add additional equipment to the system. Once the system is in learn mode it can then sense and add any new devices near it when they are triggered.

New ADT Command and Control Updates

What Devices are Compatible?

As long as the device uses z-wave technology, it can work with your system. These products consist of door locks, lighting, and thermostats)

Additional Home Automation Features

  • Scenes
  • Schedules
  • Alerts
  • Geo-Services

ADT Command Thermostat:

The ADT Command Thermostat is an aesthetically pleasing, smart thermostat. It combines streamlined hardware, sophisticated cloud services, and an ecosystem of connected devices for an uncompromising energy management solution with your ADT Command System. Additionally, DIYer’s have the ultimate level of comfort that they can’t get anywhere else. The Command thermostat works for easy installation, smart configuration, and remote support through the ADT Control App.


ADT Command Doorbell:

Although the ADT Command Doorbell is not exactly a z-wave device, it connects to your system via Wi-Fi which is controlled by the z-wave module within the panel. If your having trouble connecting, you may need a Wi-Fi Range extender to provide a stronger connection.



ADT Lighting GIFADT Lighting:

Mostly all smart lighting products include z-wave technology which gives you a wide selection to best fit your lighting needs. For a detailed list of lighting products click here on our ADT Compatible Devices Page. Click here to purchase lighting – make sure they can use z-wave signalling, otherwise it won’t connect.




ADT Door Control:

Using the Control App you can control both your standard doors and garage doors. Through devices such as smart deadbolts, you have a wide variety to best suit your door. For a detailed list of Deadbolt products click here on our ADT Compatible Devices Page. Click here to purchase smart deadbolts – make sure they can use z-wave signaling, otherwise it won’t connect.



Amazon Alexa/Google Home:

You can now have the hands-free convenience of Alexa with peace of mind from America’s leading security company. Amazon Alexa allows you to use voice control for select automation with your ADT Command System! The Alexa voice service and Google Home work as a seamless and easy way to access your ADT Control app using just your voice which works the same as the alarm.com app. You can also use the ADT Command Keypad to ask Alexa to help you with your everyday questions, timers, reminders, etc… Check out our blog post here for more information.


Cameras: ADT Cameras – ADT cameras are different since they don’t connect through z-wave signaling, they use WiFi like the doorbell. Check out our blog post here to learn what cameras work with ADT Command.

  • Damien Bertolo
    Posted at 20:51h, 21 December Reply

    I’ve yet to see how to connect Google Home with ADT Control. Is it true that it is now possible?

    ADT switched me from Pulse to the new Command & Control system when we moved. I’ve missed the Google integration ever since. It’s one of a few reasons that has me deeply disappointed and unimpressed with the new ADT Command & Control system.

    • admin2
      Posted at 15:07h, 27 December Reply

      You should be able to link Google Home with ADT Control. Open Google Assistant, click on the compass on the bottom left, type in adt control (or try alarm.com if adt control does not pull up anything). Click Link, log in using your username and password, tap allow. You can also just say “talk to adt control (or alarm.com)” and it will prompt you to link it.

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