ADT Command and Control

ADT Command is a dynamic and redesigned wireless panel full of smart home capabilities.

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ADT Command Overview

Introducing ADT Command, an interactive home security system specially designed to not only provide real protection for you and your family, but also really smart, really simple control of your home – and the devices that make your life easier and better. All from the company that pioneered 24/7 professional home security.

ADT Command System

ADT Command is a dynamic new panel full of features that can be specifically tailored to each customer’s needs while providing the high level of Life Safety monitoring customers have come to expect from ADT. This new solution places security first (not as an add-on) in allowing Residential, Custom Home and Small Business customers to enjoy automation in their homes and businesses.


The new panel will use ADT Control to provide seamless remote interaction with the system via a smart device, tablet or personal computer. For example, ADT will allow customers to arm and disarm remotely through a smartphone. Internet is not required for basic use of the panel but is required for app-based interactive services.

ADT Command and ADT Control together are built to suit customers who are looking for advanced security and automation in one brilliant experience. For frequently asked questions view our blog post here!


Extra Keypad Options

ADT Command additional Keypads

Above are three keypads for the new system. The first is the wired keypad that works only for the Hybrid version, the second two are for either system. (all wireless or the hybrid) Furthermore you can purchase these keypads and other ADT Command Compatible Products through clicking this link here. 

ADT Command Smart Security System

Command Key Features:


  • 7″ touchscreen all-in-one
  • Z-wave plus
  • Panel Camera
  • Bluetooth disarming when user is close to keypad (limited to one smartphone initially)
  • LTE Cellular Radio with easy to swap access
  • Encrypted alarm sensors for added security and increased wireless range 2.5x further
  • Built in how to videos
  • Dual Path Communication for easier updating new firmware (Cell required, Wi-Fi optional)
  • Ability to add more than 10 wifi cameras
  • 3 partitions
  • Residential or Commercial use
  • 128 Wireless security zones
  • 232 Z-wave devices (but a max of 5 thermostats and door locks)
  • 8 Secondary Keypads
  • 8 Motion Viewers (eventually after future updates)
  • 32 keyfobs – 8 Functions on one zone
  • 96 Users
  • Hybrid Version that has 200mA aux output, ethernet port, 8 hardwires zones, 2-wire smokes in zone 1, 600mA siren Output up to 2Amp, 2 trigger outputs 100mA each, and a plastic housing.
  • Multi language support – English, Spanish, French
  • Onscreen control of Z-wave Smart Home Devices
  • 2-Way voice over cell
  • Crash and Smash feature
  • Imbedded Amazon Alexa Service (future update)
  • Disarm snapshots can be sent to users phone
  • See video on Apple Watch
  • Video Package includes ability to have 8 cameras and 6000 clips before additional upgrades are needed
  • Indoor Wireless Siren that can do chime like the keypad and show arm/disarm light
  • Outdoor Wireless Siren coming in May

ADT Control

ADT Control is the new interactive services app from ADT. ADT Control works with the new ADT Command Panels.

The new website and the app called ADT Control.

The ADT Control platform is replacing ADT Pulse Platform that has been used for the last 6 years to provide interactive services for millions of ADT Customers.


The new ADT Control platform will have nearly all the features that ADT Pulse has had with addition of some new exciting ones. It will continue to help residential and small business customers to control their alarm system, locks, lights, garage doors, thermostats and watch video. The only feature that might be lost is the ability to have home view where you can put your devices on a floor-plan display. For more information see our blog post here!


Features of the ADT Control platform:

  • ADT Control Cameras are viewable on Apple Watch as well as ability to control the alarm and automation
  • ADT Control Cameras will have a shorter “cool down” period in between recorded clips closer to 30 seconds. (The ADT Pulse Cameras had a 5 minute cool down)
  • Geofencing services to get reminders to arm the system, change temperature, or pause recording on cameras while customers are home.
  • Integration with MyQ Garage Door Controllers
  • Integration with devices
  • Unexpected Activity Alerts
  • Dawn and Dusk Features – set your lights to turn on and off with the sunrise and not have to change the times several times a day on your schedules.
  • Program codes for deadbolts from ADT Control website
  • Manage users and codes easier
  • Access from TV with Amazon FireTV, Amazon FireTV Stick, or 4th gen Apple TV with the downloaded app to view cameras.
  • Crash and Smash feature
  • Notifications when a zone is left open for a specified period of time
  • Power Outage notifications when a high percentage of users in a 5 mile radius also lose power
  • Multi-language support
  • Ability to arm in silent mode, or no delay
  • Lights group apart or together for easier control

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ADT Command Equipment

ADT Command Wireless Door Window Sensor
ADT Command Wireless Door Window Sensor

Introducing the new ADT Command Wireless Door Window Sensor, the first fully encrypted, bi-directional wireless door/window contact. It transmits via 24.GHZ WIFI signal and offers AES encryption against RF jamming and hacking for increased protection. Buy Now.

 ADT Command Wireless Motion Detector
ADT Command Wireless Motion Detector

The ADT Command Wireless Motion Detector is a wireless passive infrared motion sensor. This motion detector will only activate when the system arms to help significantly extends the battery life. ADT’s encrypted wireless protocol for secure communication to the Panel. Buy Now.

ADT Command Wireless Keyfob
ADT Command Wireless Keyfob

The new ADT Command Wireless Keyfob is a 4 button, bi-directional, wireless keyfob. It offers confirmation when signals are received at the to the ADT Command Smart Security Panel via the LED lights and built-in sounder. Using an ADT Command Keyfob is a great way to wirelessly control your alarm system. Buy Now.

ADT Command  OC835-ADT Outdoor Night HD Camera
ADT Command OC835-ADT Outdoor Night HD Camera

The ADT Command OC835-ADT Outdoor Night HD Camera is a WiFi camera that is super easy to add to your ADT Pulse system and is only $250. See your driveway or backyard by adding this wireless camera to your ADT Pulse. It has 720P resolution and can record on motion. Buy Now. 

ADT Command Dome Camera MDC835
ADT Command Dome Camera MDC835

The ADT Command Dome Camera MDC835 comes in 1MP with 720P quality. Now you can add this outside your home under your eve or inside your home on the ceiling. Easy to learn in and similar quality as the OC835. Best if you want a more vandal proof design that people cant mess with as easily. Buy Now.

ADT Command Indoor HD Camera RC8326
ADT Command Indoor HD Camera RC8326

The ADT Command Indoor HD Camera RC8326 is an indoor day/night camera with 720p HD resolution. The Improved version of the RC8325. It features a wider angle camera lens, better color during low-light conditions, a Micro SD card slot, and video analytics to reduce false motion events. Buy Now. 

ADT Control Garage Door Controller
ADT Control Garage Door Controller

The ADT Control Garage Door Controller  is a Z-Wave Garage Door Controller that allows you to remotely control any garage door that has an opener on it.  You’ll also get the garage door tilt sensor which will notify you if you’ve accidentally left the garage door open. Buy Now

ADT Command Video Doorbell
ADT Command Video Doorbell

The ADT Command Doorbell is a wireless HD Doorbell Camera that connects to your ADT Command System. It delivers 720P HD Resolution to your smart phone, tablet, or ADT Portal so you can see who is at your door. It can work with analog or digital chime doorbells. Also, it is easy to install and replace your existing doorbell button. Buy Now.

ADT Command Thermostat
ADT Command Thermostat

The ADT Command Thermostat is an aesthetically pleasing smart thermostat. It combines streamlined hardware, sophisticated cloud services, and an ecosystem of connected devices for an uncompromising energy management solution with your ADT Command System. Buy Now. 

Yale Push Button Keyless Deadbolt
Yale Push Button Keyless Deadbolt

This Yale Push Button Keyless Smart Deadbolt is a favorite among customers with its nice appearance and ease of use. You can control it from your ADT Control app and set it for automations and schedules also. For additional compatible deadbolts, click here. 

ADT Command Light Dimmer Switch In Wall Decora 600W
ADT Command Light Dimmer Switch In Wall Decora 600W

You can enable Z-Wave remote control for a dimmable wired lighting fixture by replacing your traditional switch with the ADT Command Light Dimmer Switch In Wall Decora 600W. The switch supports lighting loads up to 600W. Once connected to the load, the switch can be used to dim/brighten and turn the load on/off locally. Buy compatible switches here. 

ADT Command Dual-Outlet Lamp Module
ADT Command Dual-Outlet Lamp Module

Transform any home into a smart home with the ADT Command Dual-Outlet Lamp Module. Providing wireless schedule and control any table or floor lamp in your home from anywhere, at any time. Customize your lighting output with a Z-Wave Module and create the perfect ambiance for any room. Buy compatible modules here. 

For additional compatible equipment, check out our ADT Command Compatible Devices page here!