ADT adds two new ADT Command Panel Variations to its line up

ADT adds two new ADT Command Panel Variations to its line up

New ADT Command Panels

ADT has now added 2 new ADT Command Panels to the Command system family. This includes the Command 5″ Touchscreen Panel and the Command LCD 2X16 Panel (coming soon).

ADT Command 5″ Touchscreen

ADT for the first time has introduced this 5” ADT Command Smart Security Panel built into the all-in-one system along with z-wave automation.  The sleek modern design also allows it to fit into any décor. Plus the touchscreen and components are designed to blend in and become part of the home. It also uses the ADT Control App. The panel is very similar to the standard 7″ command panel, but it’s missing the fabric backplate and bluetooth control. It also supports all of the same Internal, External Modules, Peripherals, options such as Desktop stand.

ADT Command 5 TouchscreenFeatures:

  • Same size as 7”ADT Command panel
  • Dual Communication Paths: Cellular LTE (required) + IP over Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, and also French
  • On-screen control of Z-Wave Home Automation Devices
  • 2-Way voice over cell: Crash-and-Smash
  • Embedded Amazon Voice Service: “Alexa, what’s the weather?”
  • Local voice activated scenes: Wake up phrase – “Ok Security” Activation commands – ” Home, away, sleep, or wake up”
  • Disarm “snapshots” to end user: End user help videos.
  • Internal LTE/Wi-Fi Modules
  • All the Same Menu and videos as the 7″ ADT Command Panel to adjust for the smaller 5″ screen.
ADT Command LCD:

The ADT Command LCD Touchpad Panel works similar to the ADT Hybrid Panel with aesthetic appearance as well as features. The primary difference between the LCD and the Hybrid is that the Hybrid is wired, whereas the LCD is wireless. Like the 7″ Command Panel, it also handles up to 128 wireless zones.


Key Features:



Differences from the 7″ ADT Command Panel: (does not include)

  • Local Controls for Z-Wave control
  • Back Office Push Notifications
  • Local Scene Activations
  • No Dimming
  • Local Wi-Fi Configuration controls (i.e. Customer cannot modify WiFi settings without tech support)
  • Device Finder feature as well as Alexa
  • Touchscreen display
  • Fabric covered back plate
  • Panel videos
  • Local Viewing of Event Log (like the command panel on the left)


Comparison Chart:

Note: Hybrid panel requires touchscreen panel to enable all features.
For additional FAQ for the command panel click here.

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