7 Reasons Why a Top Notch Warehouse Security System is Essential

warehouse security system

7 Reasons Why a Top Notch Warehouse Security System is Essential

7 Reasons Why a Top Notch Warehouse Security System Is Essential

Is your warehouse as secure as you think? Consider these 7 reasons why a top notch warehouse security system is essential.

Is your warehouse secure?

All warehouse owners know that safety should be their first priority, both during the workday and when the warehouse is closed. But, if you don’t have a warehouse security system, you might not be protecting your wares as well as you think you are.

But why do you need top-notch warehouse security? There are many different reasons, and we’ll go through 7 of them below. 

Keep reading to learn more about how these systems keep your warehouse safe!

1. A Warehouse Security System Alerts the Authorities

Put frankly, getting a warehouse security system makes you more prepared for an emergency break-in.

When someone forces their way into your warehouse, they will trip the alarm system, which gives people a certain amount of time to enter a code before setting off an alarm. Then, the system calls your phone and allows you to verify whether or not the alarm was set off by mistake. If it wasn’t, and it’s a true break-in, the authorities will be informed and dispatched to your location.

2. The Siren Scares Off Intruders

Many times, people who try to burglarize homes and warehouses try to do it without being noticed. When an alarm goes off, it disrupts the intruder’s hopes to remain unnoticed. An extremely loud siren inside or outside can be very effective.

Because of the alarm, the intruder may choose to run away. While you hope that the authorities will be able to catch this person, the alarm protects you by encouraging them to flee before they can rob you or do much damage to your property.

3. It Keeps Unauthorized People from Entering Your Warehouse

When you have our alarms, you have the opportunity to allow your employees to enter while keeping unauthorized people out.

Our devices come equipped with options for your employees to enter a code that will keep the alarm from going off. That way, should an authorized person need to either open the warehouse at the beginning of the day or access it during off-hours, they can do so if they know the code.

On the other hand, the alarm will go off if the code is not entered.

4. Take Advantage of Protection Against Window Entry

Many intruders don’t come in through the door. Instead, they choose to break windows and enter.

Fortunately, the best warehouse security system has already anticipated that. Your alarm will go off even if it senses an open window, motion or a break in the glass.

5. Whole Building Security

Gone are the days in which you have to worry about securing your whole building. Now, installing one security system can help you keep your whole building safe.

This applies even if your warehouse is large, giving warehouse owners greater peace of mind. The system can be wired, but most opt for a wireless system now which can have wireless ranges into the hundreds of feet away.

6. Integration with Your Cell Phone

Did you know that you can connect your cell phone to your warehouse’s security system?

That way, you’ll get notifications when people enter or leave your location, as well as when they activate or deactivate the alarm. This helps you pay better attention to what happens in your warehouse without you having to be there. Also from the Alarm.com app you can see live video or get alerts if someone is outside the building.

7. Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits of our security system lies in the peace of mind it grants the warehouse owner. 

After all, you want to know your products are safe, even when you’re not there to personally oversee them. The security system helps you protect them, even when you’re not there.

Ready to Get a Warehouse Security System?

Are you ready to get a warehouse security system?

Possessing a warehouse security system gives you many benefits. These systems alert the authorities for you, prevent unauthorized people from entering, scare off intruders, give you peace of mind, and provide you with whole building security.

So, do you want to learn more about our security systems? Contact us today for more information!

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