Smart Video Cameras for your home

smart video cameras

Smart Video Cameras for your home

Now make your home smarter with smart video cameras and

Through we have video analytics, and with the app you can monitor video streams in real time.

These video analytics provides an intelligent AI that can distinguish between people, animals, and cars, it also can determine an object’s direction of movement, and measure the duration of the activity. With the app, you can program this AI to your needs and can alert you for the important events while ignoring routine movements. Most video surveillance cameras record insignificant motion all day, making them annoying to find important clips and a nuisance to enable notifications.

Also, you can set invisible tripwires on at any location and monitor your properties for highly specific activities like:

  • Vehicles coming and going: Know when a vehicle stops outside your home during the daytime, or if a vehicle leaves unexpectedly overnight.
  • Lingering visitors: Get a video alert if someone lingers by your front door, but not when the mail is delivered.
  • Pet protection: Know which neighbor’s dog has been visiting your lawn. Know immediately if your own pet bends the rules and naps on the couch when you’re at work.
  • Automated deterrence: Set your lights and other home automation scenes to turn on when a person enters your backyard, but not when an animal enters.
  • Vendor validation: Business managers can confirm that a delivery truck pulled into the loading dock, but won’t be notified each time a customer exits the building.

Furthermore, you can set whole areas you want to be monitored and can be notified if anything enters of exits the area at any time of your choosing.

You can take all of this a step further with scenes that allow you to pick what happens if a tripwire or area has been triggered, things like turning on lights or other devices when a person is detected in your selected area or has passed a tripwire.

Video analytics is a way you can make your home safer and smarter and notify you for anything you want even while you are away.

If you want to add these smart video cameras to your home visit our shop here. If you want video analytics for your business check out this post for more info.

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