5 Benefits of Alarm.com Access Control for Business

5 Benefits of Alarm.com Access Control for Business

Say Goodbye to Keys with Alarm.com’s Access Control for Business

Access Control for Business lets you shake the old tradition of keys. Keys have been around for centuries, yet they’ve always been vulnerable. Not only are keys vulnerable, but they can also be highly inconvenient. But the inconvenience only rises as more and more keys are made. The more keys you have, the more vulnerable you are to theft. But what if it’s not even theft? What if an employee just never hands over their key? Or what if your manager can’t make it in the morning, so you have to rush to unlock the doors?

Access Control for Business will help you see when they arrive.There is a better way.

Keys, while important, are becoming a way of the past. Future advances in technology are making them obsolete. Smart locks, RFID scanners, and other such devices have made keys clumsy and unnecessary. With Alarm.com’s Access Control for Business, you can take control in an unprecedented manner. Let’s talk about the 5 benefits that Access Control gives you.

1: Secure Your Business With Automated Locks

Not onsite at closing time? You can still lock your doors. Just armed the security system? Your system can automatically lock the doors. Need security at a certain time? Your system can automatically lock the doors. What about the opposite? Not onsite at the opening time? You can still unlock your doors. Just disarmed your Security System? Your system can automatically unlock the doors. Need a door to unlock at the opening time? Your system can do that too.

2: Give and Take Keyless Access to Your Employees

Manage and schedule access for multiple employees, on multiple access points, in multiple locations. Setting up a new code or keycard is a breeze. Create roles to control access to sensitive areas on your location.

3: Lock and Unlock Any time, Anywhere

All you need is Wi-Fi or mobile data. Just fire up your Alarm.com app and take control. No longer will you need to rush to unlock the door for your employees.

4: Keep Track of Access

Access Control is fully integrated with your security system, which means you’ll know who’s going where, and when. Did your store open late again? Or did they take too long cleaning up last night? Stop guessing, start knowing.

5: Easy to use, easy to own

With integrated solutions, you don’t need more software or an additional app. Just add the Smart Locks and optional Card Readers. Relax as our technician does all the heavy lifting and troubleshooting for you. One app, one payment.

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