Unfortunately, this product has been out of stock. You can check out the 2GIG Edge for replacement. The 2GIG GC3 Control Panel was 2GIGs first 7" touchscreen system with Wi-Fi. It has since come out with a GC3E and then replaced that with the 2GIG Edge. It has a 7” color, capacitive touch screen, and a full upgrade to the user interface. In addition, these improvements include single-screen zone programming, elimination of unnecessary or redundant steps, One-Touch Arming, and easy-to-see Status. If you are looking for a replacement power plug/transformer click here. This panel is also the first Z-Wave Plus certified panel and makes working with smart home devices simple. So programming new smart home devices is easy with clear, step-by-step menus, saving time and money.

The 2GIG Wireless Touchscreen Keypad features a bright, easy-to-use LCD color touchscreen with the same user interface as the Control Panel. Up to four keypads can be integrated into a 2GIG system allowing users to have further access to their home automation and security devices while still offering the same functionality as the main control panel. Like the GoControl Panel, this keypad controls connected 2GIG as well as Z-Wave enabled devices in a home with an up to 400 foot line of sight range and can arm and disarm the system. It also includes one-touch emergency and home screen navigation buttons, system alerts, status updates, chimes, date, and time.  

This product is no longer available. Check out our Doorbell Cameras category for more options. Further the functionality of your 2GIG GoControl security system with the incorporation of a 2GIG Doorbell. You can hardwire the doorbell to replace your previous doorbell, or you can mount it wirelessly where most convenient and powered by battery (included). It has a smooth, modern design with a weatherproof seal and white UV resistant plastic to prevent damage if used outside.  

Transform any home into a smart home with the ADT Pulse Jasco Almond Toggle On/Off Light Switch. This on/off switch replaces your current light switch, uses your existing wiring, and provides Z-Wave wireless and in-wall control of overhead lighting. The switch enables wireless control of on/off functions of direct wire incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen, and fluorescent lighting.  

Qolsys IQ Siren is the perfect way to make your home even LOUDER when the alarm goes off. Made for the IQ Panel. Really helpful if you have the keypad far from where you want to hear the siren that it comes with. Completely wireless it plus into any standard outlet and even includes 3 LED lights that strobe during alarm events. Acting as a Z-Wave repeater, it strengthens and improves your smart-home network improving the performance of all your devices.

When paired with the IQ Panel, the Qolsys IQ Thermostat knows whether you are home or away. It can shut itself off when you’re not at home and resume the schedule when you return. Using the powerful settings in your portal, you can set rules that not only tell your thermostat what program it should run, but to automatically turn off when you’re not at home, resuming it’s pre-set program when you return. It’s the easiest way to save money on your energy bills, and keep your home at the comfortable temperatures you desire.

The Qolsys Smart Socket is a “smart” socket that can not only turn plugged in devices on or off. However, can additionally tell you the amount of power they are consuming. Furthermore, unlike other devices, the Qolsys Smart Socket can also monitor and control both its outlets. Additionally, it acts as a dual Z-Wave outlet that allows you to control two devices simultaneously, and get real-time energy usage on the screen of both the device and the IQ Panel. You can also get energy reporting over time on both your mobile device and desktop computer to help you identify usage trends and potentially save energy.

This Touchscreen Panel has been discontinued and replaced with the new Qolsys Panel 2 Kit here. The Qolsys IQ Wireless Kit has everything you need to create a basic, expandable security system. It includes the powerful Panel, the IQ Motion, and 3 Mini Door/Window Sensors. The Panel comes with the cell radio already. It has a great value when compared to the 2GIG Go Control since it comes with a 7" touchscreen, a panel camera, and WiFi, and those are not things that come with the 2GIG Go Control. 2GIG's new GC3 Control Panel does have the 7" screen and Wifi, but not a built-in camera.