The ClareOne Z-Wave Indoor Siren is an easily mountable siren that extends its alarm’s range to include additional areas of your home. It is loud enough to provide awareness when intruders attempt to go inside your home. The siren supports Z-Wave plus, and features unique visual alerts from 3 bright front-facing LEDs that operates in a temperature of 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C).

Kwikset Smart Lock with Z-Wave technology allows the lock to communicate with other devices in your home. The lock allows the user to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door, and receive notifications with a supported smart home hub.

The Z-Wave Interface Module is used to make almost any device speak Z-Wave. This Module is an interface/bridge module that is capable of converting a digital or analog voltage input into a Z-Wave frequency output. This comes with a plastic enclosure however it is for indoor use only. You can also program this to periodically set this off allowing for a variety of use as well.

The Lux Smart Z-Wave Thermostat is the smart thermostat made with you in mind. It seamlessly connects to many of the latest control panels such as DSC and Qolsys. This thermostat blends in or stands out with its interchangeable Covers. It also, makes it easier than ever to personalize your comfort, décor, and savings. This will also integrate with and allow you to control it from the app as well as this can work with any power series panel or even the new Qolsys IQ2 panel allowing you to integrate with their systems as well.

The 2GIG Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat is a highly reliable, affordable smart thermostat in your bag. Packed with the latest features and technologies, this Thermostat gives you the utmost in comfort, control, and convenience all in one thermostat. You will be able to manage your heating and cooling with this thermostat using an app or alarm system

The ADT Z-Wave Lamp Dimming Plug allows you to dim your lamp or lightning in your house to set the mood for whatever you want. This has two sides to the dimming module You can use the ADT pulse app to adjust the lamp or lighting device to the intensity that you want with a sliding bar in the app, You can also set timers for these for when you want it to be on and at what intensity. To install this into your home you will need to plug it into a sturdy wall and then plug your lighting device into the z-wave side and that will be marked by a z-wave label on one side of the module and then turn it on by pressing the top button, you hold the button for pairing with a device that you have the ADT pulse app on. If you ware just looking for on/off switches for lighting which is used more often, we have some like the ADT Z-wave lamp plug module or our ADT pulse Dual outlet lamp module which can be used for more than lighting too.

The Z-Wave Single Wall Outlet is used instead of a standard outlet. This outlet allows remote ON/OFF control of anything connected to the bottom outlet while the top outlet remains powered at all times. This outlet can be used to act as a wireless repeater to ensure that any other devices on the network have received your commands, this can be useful when you might be out of range of the other device is out of range. This outlet is completely safe and in compliance with the Electric code Compliance with tamper-resistant outlet covers that ensure safety when this outlet is not being used. This works well with any other Z-wave products on our website, such as our other smart wall switches like the dual plugin switch or touch screen deadbolt and many more.

This is the Ultra Small Z-Wave Smart Plug, it's got a great little status light on the front of it, you can see the status light when it's plugged in. The status light is also a button that is used for pairing to show whether it's on or off. It also acts as a Z-Wave repeater which makes the network stronger. You can do an appliance up to 13 AMPs which is a decent size appliance. And it also records energy usage, so when you open your app, you can tell how much energy it is using by the smart plug at any given time as well as from the panel. We put one of these on a heater to turn it on and off and we scheduled it to turn on and off when we wanted it to.