This product is no longer available. Check out our 2GiG Edge Secondary Keypad. The 2GIG Wireless Secondary Touchscreen Keypad is a secondary keypad designed to work alongside the 2GIG GC3 Control Panel. This would be a good option if you would like multiple arm and disarm stations in your home. It has a 7" touchscreen similar to the Control Panel, and has quick one-touch arm,disarm, and bypass capabilities. This is the perfect keypad for quick, at a glance status updates. You can add up to four keypads in your 2GIG  GC3 security system.

This is the LiftMaster Gateway. This device enables your LiftMaster garage door opener to connect to your smart home via the internet. You can then control your garage door from your smartphone, tablet, or computer through the app.

In just one day in Salt Lake County, incidents of burglaries, private property damage, and trespassing occurred. While it’s true no matter where you live there will always be crime, protecting your home with a top-of-the-line security system is a great defense and deterrent to...

IQ Panel 2 Plus PowerG was the most advanced panel for its time. Now it has been discontinued and replaced with the IQ Panel 4. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 was the first all-in-one security and smart-home platform that combines advanced hardware and leading interactive software services to deliver a best-in-class experience for its users. In addition, innovative software applications include glass break detection, Bluetooth disarm, the ability to send disarm photos to the smartphone and cloud, and more. It was originally replaced with the IQ Panel 2 plus that has Power G and additional features.

This Product is no longer available. This new Universal Alula Communicator is compatible and a great replacement. The CDMA Interactive Gateway Module connects panels to GSM Network. No need for a landline or internet connection. Additionally, it enables Alarm Reporting, Interactive Control Functions, and Ethernet data reliability.  It also includes The Z-Wave communicator, which allows automation of doors, lights, and thermostats. But if this isn't what you're looking for, please take a look at some of our other Resolution products.

This product is no longer available. This new Universal Alula Communicator is compatible and a great replacement. The IP Interactive Gateway Module adds remote access, control, alerts, and automation (using z-wave) functionality to a new or existing DSC Powerseries, Honeywell Vista or GE/Interlogix Concord panels. This module also connects to the alarm system and uses the SecureNet service to provide these additional 'smart home' functions. Additionally, the on-board z-wave primary controller module works with most standard z-wave certified devices. This includes light switches and dimmers, lamp and appliance modules, Kwikset and Yale z-wave locks, and z-wave thermostats. Unfortunately, this product is currently Out of Stock, For more options, check out our available Resolution products here in our shop.

This product has been replaced by the new Universal Alula Communicator. Which is compatible and a great replacement. Don’t let your security system become obsolete; upgrade them to full cellular interactive services through the GSM Interactive Gateway Module. You can dump the landline phone and simply add this module to a Honeywell Vista, DSC PowerSeries, Interlogix Concord or NX panel. Unlike other cellular modules, this module provides smart phone-based security and Z-Wave home automation control of locks, lights, and appliances. With this module, you can keep your existing security system, but also add a cellular and automation gateway. It also incorporate a toggle switch, allowing you to configure the device based on the type of system it's installed on.