Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. Check out the ADT Z-Wave Lamp Dimming Plug for replacement similar to this device. The ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In Dimming Lamp Module 45702 allows you the option to adjust mood lighting for all occasions within your home. Z-Wave is a radio frequency, mesh network technology specifically designed for use in residential lighting control.

The ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module 45703 provides wireless control for any plug-in fluorescent lamp or small appliance, such as a coffee pot. Additionally, the module simply plugs into a standard power outlet. And your lamp or appliance plugs into the module. Now the connected device can be turned on or off and dimmed or brightened with any Z-Wave controller!

Discontinued and replaced by the ADT Smart Dimmer Switch You can enable Z-Wave remote control for a dimmable wired lighting fixture by replacing your traditional switch with the ADT Pulse Light Dimmer Switch InWall Decora 600W 45712. The switch supports lighting loads up to 600W. Once connected to the load, the switch can be used to dim/brighten and turn the load on/off locally.

Discontinued and replaced with the ADT Smart Dimmer Switch The ADT Pulse Light Dimmer Switch InWall Decora 1000W 45715 enables Z-Wave remote control, as well as local control, for a dimmable incandescent light up to 1000 Watts. The rocker switch provides On/Off and Bright/Dim control, and included in multiple automation groups or scenes. Additionally, a blue LED indicator helps guide you to the switch through the dark.

Transform any home into a smart home with the ADT Pulse Jasco Toggle In-wall On/Off Light Switch 45740. The on/off switch also replaces your current light switch, uses your existing wiring, and provides Z-Wave wireless and in-wall control of overhead lighting. The switch enables wireless control of on/off functions of direct wire incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent lighting. Providing ultimate flexibility because, the Jasco Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch allows you to operate the switch by itself or easily integrate the switch with two-way, three-way or four-way wiring configurations by adding the Jasco Auxiliary switch for Z-Wave. This product is Discontinued, for more options, you can also check out this ADT Pulse Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch.

With a sleek capacitive touchscreen, the Yale Real Living™ deadbolt brings ‘cellphone chic’ to residential home security. Available with either Z-Wave®, Yale Real Living's Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt integrates seamlessly into ADT Pulse, making everyday living easier and safer.