Transform any home into a smart home with the ADT Z-Wave Lamp Module Dual Plug. The lighting control enables wireless control of on/off functions for standard table and floor lamps. Furthermore, it's compatible with incandescent, LED, Xenon, Halogen, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. While it's easily controllable through your mobile device or computer using any Z-Wave certified gateway.  Additionally, the space-saving horizontal module plugs into a standard wall receptacle without blocking the second outlet or obstructing placement of furniture.

Set your life in motion with the ADT Pulse Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch. This energy-efficient motion sensor light switch works with your home’s Z-Wave hub to wirelessly trigger scenes and send alerts to your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is has turned lights on or off.* You may also coordinate the Z-Wave dimmer switch with your household decor with the included white and light almond buttons. Experience the comfort of automation in your life when you come home to the Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch. *Functions may vary depending on Z-Wave hub.

Z-wave Dimmer Module 300W is designed to provide Z-Wave control to a connected dimmable lamp. The Z-wave Dimmer Module 300W is plugged into any standard grounded AC wall outlet, and the lamp is then plugged into the module. Once connected, the lamp can be dimmed or turned on or off remotely via the Z-Wave controller. The module contains two power receptacles - one controlled, and one pass-through (powered at all times). This part has been discontinued and replaced with another dimmer module.

Through a connected dimmable lamp, the Z-Wave Appliance Module provides Z-Wave control. The Z-Wave Appliance Module is plugged into any standard grounded AC wall outlet, and the appliance or other device is then plugged into the module. You can dim and turn it on or off as a result of the Z-Wave controller. The module contains two power receptacles - one controlled, and one pass-through (powered at all times). This product is no longer available. For replacement, you can check out this Z-wave Dimmer Module 300W.

Discontinued and replaced with the Smart Switch  The Z-Wave In-Wall Switch 500W allows remote ON/OFF control and dimming of connected lights. In addition, the Z-Wave Wall Mount Dimmer is also easily wired in place of a standard wall dimmer. But this device requires a neutral connection. Furthermore, Z-Wave certified wireless lighting controls (switches, dimmers, outlets as well as plug-in modules) brings a new level of intelligent wireless capability to commercial as well as residential environments.

The Leviton Z-Wave Appliance Module is ideal for any residential setting that needs remote ON/OFF switching of appliances, motor loads up to 1/2 HP, or freestanding lights, including Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent, and Compact Fluorescent loads. Additionally, typical applications include switching of fluorescent lamps, portable fans, kitchen appliances, indoor fountains and more. This module also allows users to incorporate small appliances into scene and zone home control applications.

The Leviton Z-wave In-wall Switch 15A is the perfect image of “smart” lighting control, featuring Z-Wave® radio frequency, technology, and compatibility with Leviton’s Decora® products. In addition, the robust radio frequency system offers one-touch control of lights as well as appliances, dramatic scene transitions, timed events, and many desirable options that will enhance your home. Vizia RF + products also adapt to your lifestyle without the need for new wiring while providing a luxurious upgrade for less than you might imagine.

The Z-Wave Wall Switch 15A allows remote ON/OFF control of loads connected to the switch as well as wires in place of a standard wall switch. This switch integrates with other Nortek Security & Control Z-Wave enabled products, and can also act as a wireless repeater to ensure that commands intended for another device in the network are received (useful when a device would otherwise be out of radio range).