The IQ4 Hub Kit is the best home security component to protect your family and property from burglary, home intrusion, and theft. This kit offers affordability and effective, and reliable protection. You can have the IQ4 Hub which is the perfect security system for homes and businesses that want the latest tech on home security.

The Proseries Touchscreen Panel Kit is made and built for homeowner and business owners who wants the best protection for their family or business. This kit includes Honeywell ProSeries 7 All-in-One Touchscreen Panel that has Alexa functionality, which will help users to control smart home applications using simple voice commands.

The IQ4 Hub is the perfect security system for homes and businesses that want the latest tech but don't need all the features of the IQ4 Panel. It offers affordable, effective and reliable protection against intruders, vandalism, and theft. The system will help you monitor your home or business from inside to outside 24/7 with a 7-inch touchscreen. Experience the best features included in the IQ4 Hub, Bluetooth disarming, Control of your thermostat, light, and locks. This system will help you provide easy access to any camera installed in your house with live-view capabilities.

The Qolsys IQ Lockdown is the newest protection you can provide for your family or your home. It locks down any safe rooms, server rooms, or even cash rooms and fits any standard commercial door with 2″ frame. This will give you peace of mind for your family’s protection. With the additional Z-wave plus compatibility, you can easily control the system on your smartphone.

ClareOne Wireless 2-in-1 Security and Smart Home Kit is the perfect security starter kit that includes ClareOne Panel, 2 sets of wireless door window sensors, and a PIR motion sensor that is ideal to take off your home security monitoring. This panel sets the bar by combining professional wireless security with full-featured home automation in a single, robust touchpanel. Additionally, it has a broad IP integration with Control4, making it easy to upsell customers from Clare Smart and Secure systems to a broad range of Control4 solutions.

The ClareOne Wireless Security Home Panel is a single modern and innovative touch panel that combines professional wireless security with entire full-features home automation; from locks, lights, thermostats, and any other security sensors. . It easily arms and disarms all your security sensors with just a single touch. This system features encrypted sensors, providing secure alarm signaling. ClareOne also provides broad IP integration with Control4, making it easy to transition from Clare Smart and Secure systems to a broad range of Control4 solutions.

The Temperature Humidity Sensor is a great addition to any z-wave-enabled smart home system like the IQ Panel where you want to know the temperature and/or humidity in a room. Whether in a baby's room or an office you can always know the temperature or humidity from the app. You can also use it with your thermostat so you can use a different location as the set point or the average of the temperatures. Lastly, you can get temperature and humidity alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or computer if they reach a range that would be of concern.

The Smart Touchscreen Thermostat offers a sleek, color touchscreen display for a simple experience that delivers the next level of comfort and control. With mechanical wire detection, an easy setup wizard, and local configuration, the Smart Touchscreen Thermostat makes installation a breeze. The Smart Thermostat HD can also monitor the health of the heating and cooling system, deliver monthly performance reports, and even alert you to potential HVAC issues right on its display. It does require a C wire or a 24VAC Transformer though and does not use batteries. It is the first and only Z-wave Plus thermostat that is touchscreen and black though there is a more basic smart thermostat available also for the more price-conscious budgets.

Alula Simon XT LTE Cell Module is continuing its communicator innovations with Connect-XT. This all-new 4G/5G LTE alarm communicator directly solves the problem for the 3G Sunset. You can modernize your old system with smartphone control, security cameras or Z-Wave™ automation upgrades. Simon is a cell-only panel, with a dated expansion module in the back. Leaving the panel on the wall. The Alula Simon XT LTE Cell Module is a tool-less replacement – just swap out the card. With the most current communicator available, you can modernize any Simon panel and continue to use all existing sensors and no need for old POTS lines.

The Qolsys IQ Hub is the whole home hub with a 7" touchscreen. The glass made on the panel is made with capacitive multi-touch glass. Which is a transparent electrode layer that is placed on top of the glass panel, and covered by a protective cover. When a finger comes into contact with the screen, the ratios of the electrical currents change. That helps the computer to detect the touchpoints. Also in addition to the 7" screen, the panel also comes with a 2W speaker.