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Honeywell Compatible Shock Sensor 100% compatibility with Honeywell wireless receivers as well as built-in electro-mechanical sensor with adjustable sensitivity.

Wireless Shock + Contact (HW)

• Electro-mechanical sensor with adjustable sensitivity
• Built in reed switch with magnet (included)
• Terminals for external contact input
• Three independent serial numbers for unique reporting
• 2-7/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 1″
• Replaceable lithium battery
• 5-8 year battery life
• FCC and IC compliant


Frequency: 345MHz
Operating Temperature: 32°-120°F (0°-49°C)
Battery: 3V lithium
Operating Humidity: 5-95%
RH non condensing
Battery life: 5 years
Compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG receivers
Magnet gap: 1 inch max
Supervisory signal interval: 60 min(approx.)
Electro-Mechanical Shock Sensor
Normally closed contact input terminals


To enroll the sensor, set your panel into program mode, refer to your specific alarm panel manual for details on these menus. In addition, There are three triggers on this device and each uses a unique loop number. The shock sensor assigns to loop 1, the built-in contact uses Loop 2, and the external input use Loop 3.
When prompted by the panel: 

To enroll the shock sensor, trigger the electro-mechanical sensor by tapping on the device.
To enroll the built-in door window, trigger the sensor by moving the included magnet in and out of the range of the reed switch.
Furthermore, to enroll the external contact input, trigger the sensor by closing the circuit between the two terminal inputs. This works with a piece of wire, or if using a hardwired contact, by applying the magnet to that contact. While this device will send a supervisory transmission every hour for each input and if the case is opened, it will send a case tamper signal to each zone programmed.

Shock Sensitivity:

The shock sensor sensitivity can be adjusted to set how much force is required at impact to trigger the alarm. To increase the sensitivity, turn the white potentiometer clockwise, to decrease the sensitivity adjust it counterclockwise.


Additionally, Includes Double sided tape with this device for the contact and the magnet. For reliable bonding ensure the surface is clean and dry. Apply the tape to the sensor and then to the desired location. Apply firm pressure for several seconds. It is not recommended to mount the tape at temperatures below 50°F, although after 24 hours the bond will hold at low temperatures. One side of the sensor is marked with 2 lines; this indicates the location of the reed switch. When using the built-in contact, the magnet mounts facing this side of the sensor, and it mounts no further than one inch from the sensor

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