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Honeywell’s Wireless Siren is a fully wireless siren that provides periodic status information and battery back up for an added level of performance and protection.

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honeywell wireless sirenThe Honeywell ADT Wireless Siren is a fully wireless siren that provides periodic status information and battery back up for an added level of performance and protection.

This is the wireless siren made for the ADT TSSC Security System. The flexible design simplifies installation, saves time, and installs in seconds at any location without the need to run wires. You can see the system status on the wireless siren with three LEDs directly on the front of the unit.

This is great if you want to hear a siren in a different part of the home or business. It’s made for the indoors, but with discretion, you could attempt to put it outdoors at your own risk. It takes over an entire single gang electric outlet.

The Honeywell ADT Wireless Siren additionally contains a wireless receiver and a transmitter. It can transmit device status, tamper, low battery, or AC loss.

  • Siren output level is 95 dB at three feet
  • Transmits module status, including mounting tamper, low battery and AC loss to the control panel
  • LED; show system status of the device
  • AC powered with a rechargeable 12-hour battery backup
  • Plugs into any standard duplex receptacle and installs in seconds
  • Provides temporal pulse sounding for fire alarms
  • Lowers labor costs and saves time
  • Simplifies installation
  • Compatible with LYNXR (Rev 10 or higher), LynxREN, LynxRI, Lynx plus, Lynx Touch, ADT TSSC Panel and VISTA controls that support the 5883 transceiver

• Dimensions: 4.5″ W x 7.5″ H x 2.25″ D (114mm x 191mm x 57mm)
• Output Level: 95 dB at three feet
• Frequency of Operation: 345 MHz
• Input Voltage: 120VAC
• Current: 202mA Typical
• Operational Temperature 32° F to 122° F (0° to 50°C)

Installation Instructions:

Just like other security devices, this has two parts to the installation, the first is the physical installation and the second is the programming. This device can only be programmed by us or by an ADT Technician. We will only charge $75 or less to program it for you and we can do it remotely. Below are the physical installation instructions. The programming change that needs to take place is to change/enable the House ID#.

  • Remove the four screws from the back of the unit
  • Separate the case from the back
  • Check that the standby battery is held securely in place
  • Plug the battery into the PCB connector
  • Set the DIP switches to a house ID# that matches the house id# in programming
  • Close the case and put the four screws back in place
  • Remove the screw and leave the AC Outlet wall plate from the AC Outlet where you want the siren to be mounted. (Yes, it takes over an entire outlet)
  • Plug the ADT Wireless Siren into the AC Outlet
  • If the red LED turns on, the wireless signal is bad (probably too far away or not the same House ID#) Move it closer to the TS Base Station or Panel.
  • Insert the hold down screw
  • When the yellow LED turns off, arm the system and verify that the red LED turns on. Then disarm the system.
  • Put your alarm system in test mode, then set off the alarm and verify the new ADT Wireless Siren is working.
Additional Steps

If you want to enable the supervision for the ADT Wireless Siren, follow these additional steps. It will alert you if there are any changes in wireless signal strength, check-in periodically, alert you if the battery is getting low, if the AC power is out, and if someone tries to remove it from the outlet.

  • Locate the serial number (7 digit number)
  • Tell us what the serial number is so we can use it to program the siren’s supervision remotely
  • We will then program the supervision (zone type 5, input type 3, and loop number 1
  • Mount the Magnet to the wall, adjacent to the case, between the tamper position indicator lines.
  • Test the tamper by removing the siren from the outlet and see if the panel indicates a tamper

ADT TS Wireless Siren Open view of TS Wireless Siren ADT Wireless Siren Dip Switch Chart ADT TS Wireless Siren

Please check out our YouTube Channel for more information.
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  1. Maria Mac (store manager)

    The siren itself is loud and attention-grabbing, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my home is well-protected. I also appreciate the fact that I can control the siren remotely through the ADT app, which makes it easy to turn it on and off as needed. Overall, I would highly recommend Honeywell ADT’s wireless siren to anyone looking to enhance their home security system

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