Smart Thermostat Comparison Smart Thermostat Comparison has two smart thermostats you can use if you have automation enabled with your service. While the Smart thermostats are both smart and use Z-Wave Plus, the Pro Model is a little more self intuitive and easier to use. It is also thinner and has some additional features like local fan control, showing target and ambient temps, and it can wake on approach. The Pro model also uses fewer and smaller batteries if you are not wiring it 24V.

Here is a comparison chart to see the difference in more detail Smart Smart Thermostat Pro
Battery-Powered Option, Geo-Services, Extreme TempsXX
Scenes, Schedules and Temp PresetsXX
HVAC AnalyticsXX
Energy Star-CertifiedXX
Temperature Sensor CompatibleXX
Remote Control / ConfigurationXX
Broad HVAC CompatibilityXX
Enhanced User Interface and 30% SlimmerX
Local Configuration WizardX
Auto-Detection for HVAC WiringX
Backplate Improved DesignX
Display Target and Ambient Temps at the Same TimeX
Local Fan ControlX
Support for Ventilation Systems (HRV, ERV, Air Baffle)X
Wakes on Approach (with common wire)X
Extended Battery LifeX
Power4 AA Batteries or 24V2 AAA Batteries or 24V
Operating Temp Range 32 Deg F to 122 Deg FXX
Z-Wave PlusXX
Heat (Fossil or Electric) Up to Three StagesXX
Cool up to Two StagesXX
Heat Pump with AUX up to Five StagesXX
Aux Heat up to Three StagesXX
Dual Fuel (Fossil AUX Heat)XX
Forced Air Zoned Heat up to Three StagesXX
Forced Air Zoned Cool up to Two StagesXX

Both the Smart Thermostat and the Smart Thermostat Pro are great choices if you want to be in control of the temperature in your home or business and the energy costs. It makes alot more sense to have one of these smart thermostats that works in the same app as your security system, cameras, lights, etc.., then to have a separate app with another type of “smart thermostat”

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