A Better Option for Canceled Spectrum Security Customers


A Better Option for Canceled Spectrum Security Customers

If you are one of the canceled Spectrum Security customers, then you already know that Spectrum is canceling all of its home security customers on Feb 5, 2020. So this means that all of their alarm equipment will be disconnected and nearly useless. Obviously, this does not sit well with the thousands of alarm customers Spectrum inherited from buying Time Warner and Bright House back in 2016. Their official statement says:

 “We have made the decision to exit the home security business that we inherited with the 2016 Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks transactions. We are dedicated to making this a smooth transition for our home security customers and have partnered with Ring and Abode, two leading home security providers, to bring our customers exclusive offers and discounts on replacement security service and products.”

The customers’ reactions

As you would think, lots of canceled Spectrum Security customers went to social media to post their feelings on the subject:

Your Next Step

So Spectrum has told all of its home security customers that their current system will not work going forward. They’ve also told their customers to buy a new DIY system. But this system lacks a color touchscreen and other modern features you would expect from a professional security system.

But, this is not 100% accurate. In most cases, there are some existing parts of the system that can continue to be used. So the first step is to contact us and send some pictures of your current system. We can then let you know what parts may or may not be reused going forward.

Additionally, during this transition, you might want to think about this: are you wanting to take a step backward or forwards with the technology that’s in your home? Most new home security systems now have a color touchscreen, wireless encryption, home automation options, smart camera options, and more. So if you choose one of the systems Spectrum recommends, you are taking a step backward in technology and quality. It’s like you’re jumping into a time machine and then going back 10-20 years to hit up Circuit City for a new security system. And that might sound exciting, but the uncertainty of old tech isn’t nearly as exciting as having all the latest and greatest technology in your home.

We Can Help

Would you like to have a professional security company helping you make the right decisions for your home? In addition, do you want to work with a professional alarm technician, or install an entirely new outdated system alone? At Zions Security Alarms, ADT Authorized Dealer, we know security service. We can help you navigate the many options and also make sure you get a professional experience. Additionally, we don’t want you to find yourself in the same difficult position 3-5 years down the road.

Plus, we have lots of options! From using the system you already have to replacing it with a newer modern touchscreen system, we’ll find what works for you. So if you are one of the canceled Spectrum security customers, just call or email us. We would be happy to help answer any questions you have.

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